Tshirt yarn

All those dyed shirts, cut into strips. The 2-color ones were made from sweatshirt rags, dyed separately & then stitched into big loops. The darker balls all started gray. I’m carrying a strand of wine-colored Schulana Morbido (80% wool/20% nylon, sorta lofty thick/thin) along the whole way.

I’m trying to decide what stitch to use. The Alterknitsversion just uses garter. I experimented with plain garter, this moderately pleasing thermaly stitch that probably has an actual name (K1 row, P 1 row, *K1, Sl1 wyib 1 row, *K1 Sl1 wyif 1 row), and the K1 Sl1 wyif every row pattern used in that woven strips rug in Simple Knits with a Tiwst. I tried them all for about a ball’s worth, then ripped them out, not able to decide. I think the last one was the best suited, but just as I was feeling well pleased with it, I decided I wanted a big fat cable down the center and ripped it all out. Then I decided that would be stupid with such busy fibers, but it was too late. Story of my life.

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    […] I took me like a dozen tries of a dozen stitches before I decided that the one called for in the book (garter) was truly the right stitch. I don’t know why I thought I knew better. Anyway, I knit it all up with my pretty pink and orange-dyed tshirt yarn. And about 3/4 of the way through I realized that, while pink and orange make perfectly pretty yarn, a pink and orange rug has absolutely no place in my home. What was I thinking? It’s like all the acid green yarn I buy for scarves and sweaters, knowing how tragically putrid I look in acid green. And yet I can’t resist. […]

  • teki says:

    maybe i missed it somewhere, once you dyed the shirts, did you cut them in a round and stitch them together? the rug is very loverly and looks positively dog friendly so i’m very interested….thanks

  • Nikol says:

    Yes, you start at the bottom hem and cut around and around. The Alterknits pattern has you stop at the armpits, which gives a nicer, more uniform appearance, but I was using scrap/rag shirts & both Ts & sweats, so I didn’t care about the irregular appearance. I kept going as far as I could into the sleeves, then sewed the sleeves shut, trimmed the bottom, and started over/continued (depending on the shirt) like it was the bottom of the tshirt. If you have plenty of shirts, I’d probably do it their way, because it is cleaner looking.

  • Annie MacHale says:

    Hi. After finishing a project using recycled t-shirt yarn, I set out to find others who had done the same. I think we are on to something.
    There are too many t-shirts in the world not to make use of them for other purposes. I like your colors, too, but agree it would be too intense of a rug in my home.

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