Überlist 2015

2015 is all about pruning, streamlining my space and clearing out the crap so I can start fresh in 2016. Slimming down my junk, clearing my space, winnowing stupid spending, wrapping up unfinished projects, and abandoning old projects I’ll never finish. I tried really hard to strip away most things that don’t fit my mission. I also limited myself to 19 really big things, big routine changes and long term projects. 19 because the first page of Überlist list in my Year of the Dabbler calendar has 19 items. Everything else has to be modest routine changes or projects that should take less than one day.

So there! (Every year I think I’ve finally cracked the prefect Überlist; we’ll see if this year brings me any closer.)

  1. ROUTINES/ONGOING: Achieve Rule #4  FAIL
  2. Resume C25K and keep up a modest running routine after completion FAIL
  3. Rosetta Stone once a week FAIL
  4. checkUse the fancy stuff! 
  5. checkArrange play dates for Birdy twice a month.  
  6. Screen-free dinners. FAIL
  7. One serving of sweets a day FAIL
  8. 365 Project FAIL
  9. checkTake care of my husk 
  10. TASKS TO COMPLETION! checkAttack and subdue safe 
  11. Finish processing all unprocessed Cupcake Ranch fiber as of Jan 1; package and market fiber FAIL
  12. New Workshop: BEER SCHOOL! FAIL
  13. Finish sorting through all the crap in the storage room FAIL
  14. checkRun Turbo Tax for last 2 years of basic data to see how the results compare to accounting; either file own taxes or find a new accountant
  15. checkAttack and subdue supply closet
  16. checkInventory pantry/freezers with pantry app and use to prevent waste and plan meals 
  17. Build or cause to have built a wonderful laundry cupboard FAIL
  18. Have gates fixed FAIL
  19. Go through all the Starship Classes before my membership expires FAIL
  20. ROUTINES/ONGOING: checkLimit Subscribe  & Save to 5 things a month unless there’s some crazy offer that saves 60%
  21. checkMonthly recycling/Goodwill run
  22. checkKeep a list of all necessary repeating activities, especially seasonal maintenance and business stuff, to restart SHE or Flylady or similar next year.
  23. checkWeekly meal plans using inventory data.
  24. Always check YNAB before running errands or shopping online and don’t shop with money I do not have. FAIL
  25. Regular car maintenance (and add to SHE list)
  26. Move scrubber to the basement and run it monthly FAIL
  27. Set a timer and limit bed screen time to 30 minutes when alone FAIL
  28. TASKS TO COMPLETION! ADMIN EDITION: Process delinquent inbox
  29. checkGet tattoo shop financing squared away
  30. checkGet all 1099s out in January.
  31. checkBe on time to Woolfest
  32. checkFinish calendar design by 11/5
  33. Have Purple Wave auction all auctionable crap FAIL
  34. Get 2 more brick repair quotes FAIL. Did get one…
  35. eBay cloth diapers
  36. eBay baby duds and miscellany
  37. checkReview solar lease and sign up if it looks good–the building doesn’t fit lease criteria, boo. But credit for following through!
  38. checkCull excess videos and backup ipad2; restore to ipad4; clear out everything from ipad 2 except Twyla’s games
  39. checkCraigslist swing, car, playpen, and changer
  40. check Have Prius serviced in January
  41. Follow up with Trudy re: new insurance options
  42. Sign up for freezer extended warranty   
  43. REPAIRS EDITION: check Replace leaky sprayer with one Adrian gave me
  44. checkRepair coop or build a new one
  45. checkPut a pophole in the coop to prevent that egg-sucking dog from stealing all my eggs
  46. Build/finish storage solution for under passthrough window
  47. checkRemove those stickers from toilet
  48. Replace bedroom door knob
  49. checkFix blinds
  50. checkTry to remove Twyla’s scribbling
  51. checkWrap ugly pipe in girls’ room
  52. check Replace switch plate in girls’ room
  53. checkFix utility sink drain
  54. Move pencil sharpener from Math to hallway or office
  55. PROJECT EDITION: checkMake 32″ roving rug
  56. checkBuild playhouse kit
  57. checkReturn Eskridge photos well before reunion
  58. Take Craftsy bread class
  59. Make Year 2 book for parents
  60. Make a big stash of T&T face flannels
  61. checkAssemble and use IKEA underbed drawers
  62. Stain plywood on corner cupboard
  63. checkToss busted and single socks
  64. check Toss ratty and tight underwear
  65. Install charging grommet in bar
  66. Organize flickr
  67. Make Beer kit #1
  68. Make Beer kit #2 FAIL
  69. Make Beer kit #3 FAIL
  70. Make mom’s wine kit
  71. Make other wine kit FAIL
  72. Render all fat (chicken & beef done; pork awaits)
  73. Organize Twyla’s toys with stations in basement, room, and office
  74. Destash 100 x 50g balls
  75. checkDestash 10# of fiber
  76. 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS ZONES OF DESPAIR: Desk, incl. drawer
  77. Filing
  78. checkOffice cupboards
  79. checkOffice drawers
  80. Office surfaces
  81. checkVanity & area surrounding tub
  82. checkBedroom cupboards
  83. checkChanging table
  84. checkGlider and heater
  85. checkDresser
  86. checkWardrobe and gaps around wardrobe
  87. Bedroom hampers
  88. checkTwyla’s room
  89. Twyla’s clothes
  90. Boys’ bathroom
  91. Girls’ bathroom
  92. Kitchen drawers
  93. Kitchen cupboards
  94. Guest kitchenette
  95. check Hoosier cabinets
  96. Blonde cupboard
  97. Boiler room freezer FAIL
  98. Rest of boiler room FAIL
  99. Galley shelves FAIL
  100. Social science miscellany 
  101. Math closets FAIL
  102. Math cupboards & drawers FAIL
  103. checkLobby furniture
  104. checkHall furniture and shelves
  105. Lockers FAIL
  106. North back door
  107. checkSouth back door
  108. Home ec fabric closet FAIL
  109. Home ec window cupboards, drawers, and cubbies FAIL
  110. Home ec row 1 cupboards and cubbies 
  111. Home ec row 2 cupboards and cubbies
  112. Home ec row 3 cupboards and cubbies
  113. Home ec bins FAIL
  114. Home ec closet FAIL
  115. Table at top of stairs


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