Überlist 2019

First 100 below. I give myself permission to swap them out at any time; and I’m leaving tge last 19 open to fill in as new issues arise. Ta da!

  1. HUMANITY/SANITY: Spend more time with other adult humans of my choosing
  2. Keep working at keeping my shit together/improving.
  3. Respond quickly.
  4. Try out the 1SED app for a couple months and see how I feel about it.
  5. THE BEST NEST: Clean all the fridges
  6. Paint the pony wall.
  7. Paint my office
  8. Hot tub time machine!
  9. Devise a very basic Home Routines plan + important seasonal tasks. Keep it super simple.
  10. Use Home Routines daily
  11. Get rid of that old Dish receiver and dumb cable outside the Math room
  12. Remove old, unused cords and cables in basement
  13. Clean cat barf off sheepskin rug.
  14. Clean Gertrude house
  15. Replace broken windows in Gertrude house
  16. Cover raggedy spots on pipe covers in basement
  17. See about solar for Gertrude
  18. Put up pergola or build a base for Summer Fun House
  19. A FRIEND IN TECHNOLOGY: Fix naughtyneedlesknitting.com issue or kill site. 
  20. Add inventory to Square
  21. Replace batteries and reprogram cat feeder
  22. MAKE: Gather all old WIP. Dispatch albatrosses.
  23. Alter duvet cover
  24. Achieve a reproducible basic sourdough loaf.
  25. Host a mending bee.
  26. Craftsy bread class. 
  27. Finish Planned Parenthood mitten pattern.
  28. Make weighted hand pillows
  29. Make a milk jug skeleton
  30. Make 9: PJs
  31. Make 9: Nightshirt
  32. Make 9: Funnelneck sweater
  33. Make 9: Shawl collar cardigan
  34. Make 9: Dress
  35. Make 9: Another dress
  36. Make 9: Another dress
  37. Make 9: Sideways cardigan
  38. Make 9: Skirt
  39. HEALTH & LOVELINESS: Pick a doctor and get a checkup.
  40. Mammogram.
  41. Breast self-exams
  42. 2 dental cleanings.
  43. Get a proper haircut
  44. Run a 5k. There, I said it.
  45. THRIFTY JOY: 2018 postmortem and 2019 financial goals
  46. Continue weekly menu plan, fridge clean & Doomsday Pantry.
  47. Net zero new debt.
  48. Update freezer inventories (and move dry erase sheet on deep freeze so I quit erasing it every time I open the door)
  49. Ebay or craigslist something each week and put it towards debt
  50. Strive to buy fresh produce and milk through March.  Everything else from pantry/freezer.
  51. Check in with Ron weekly about shop/personal monies
  52. MODEST WORK AMBITIONS:  Make new stuff to sell out of existing materials.
  53. Add new products to COGs spreadsheet.
  54. Explainer video for planner
  55. Carding or prep videos
  56. Fiber Final Fridays
  57. Restrict Yarn School class size, add more private rooms, increase group room discount.
  58. Income tax on time.
  59. Quarterly sales taxes on time.  
  60. 1099s on time.
  61. Card enough batts to refill batt case
  62. Review Woolfest 2019 postmortem notes in December
  63. Make Woolfest bags from surplus Yarn School bags
  64. Build planner layout in the summertime.
  65. Reassemble retail displays before the end of the month.
  66. Move type cabinet to basement. Clean cabinet, organize type.
  67. Find out if future tote orders can be split.
  68. Update map with past guests, color coded by visit type.
  69. Website housekeeping
  70. Post Jane Eyre errata
  71. POT LUCK: First of the month clearing.
  72. Be a good executor.
  73. Rosetta Stone Spanish 1ce/week. Gift for successful completion.
  74. Compost maintenance
  75. Set up worm bin
  76. Replace murdered fruit trees
  77. Actively learn new things.
  78. MOTHER OF THE YEAR: Make that yardstick marker thingy for Twyla
  79. Spend time outdoors on nice days
  80. Make Year 2 book. 
  81. Make Year 3 book.
  82. Frame Santa pics 0-4
  83. Frame school pictures P-K
  84. Resume dinners with Birdy.
  85. Maintain Twyla dental routine.
  86. Invent effective Twyla toy pickup routine.
  87. Make and use kid book from planner file.
  88. Hit a solid 8pm bedtime by year’s end. 9pm in summertime.
  89. Family photos with mom & Birdy in our matching dresses
  90. Find better swimming lessons
  91. LESS: Net -1 every day.
  92. Finally dispatch unwanted gear with Purple Wave.
  93. Address excess rooster problem. Which is maybe just a rooster problem, period?
  94. 40 Bags in 40 Days.
  95. Pick an area of focus for each month and concentrate on culling crap and cleaning for just an hour a week in said zone
  96. Clear out gym storage closet and set up shipping area
  97. HUGE REPAIRS: Tattoo shop roof
  98. Get generator working again, then have Ed finish the backup.
  99. Refinish grade school floors
  100. Master improvement plan for next 10 years