Überlist 2012

Only 30. Trying not to hate myself, since I did survive a book, a tornado, a pregnancy and birth, two Yarn Schools, Felt School, and Mitten School!

Still have a couple more days to pretend I might finish more, but I’ve marked definite successes and failures.

  1. Scrilla: Keep a running tally of all the interest and bank fees I’m paying (free)
  2. Get rid of the extra checking account that was supposed to simplify my life, or else start over and figure out how to use it as intended (free)
  3. Go another year without buying any new clothes except some new cotton socks for summer ($10) That was very satisfying in 2011! FAIL, bought maternity & nursing clothes, but pretty thrifty about it.
  4. Keep a running list on the fridge of all the food I waste, and figure out some kind of reward/penalty system for goals (free) FAIL
  5. Keep tabs on the cost of the cats/dog/sheep/chickens (free)
  6. Schedule payments immediately when invoices come in (free) FAIL
  7. Don’t buy new when old will do. Pay down instead. (free!) FAIL (but better than before)
  8. No fiber or yarn purchases until I’ve hit my destash goals. (free) FAIL
  9. List 50/month on ebay (free) FAIL
  10. Use Nike gift certificate (free)
  11. Use salon gift certificate ($20 tip) FAIL
  12. Open vintage etsy shop (free)FAIL
  13. Keep up with CSA. Don’t go shopping until after bag arrives, make a meal plan, freeze/can anything I won’t have time to use. (free) MISERABLE FAIL
  14. $20/week grocery budget (mostly produce; there’s still almost half a beef and a quarter hog in the freezer) BIG FAIL
  15. Have a great booth at Winter Woolfest (free-ish)
  16. Owe a satisfying amount less at the end of the year. (free!)
  17. Make/list 5 new etsy items weekly after book. (free) FAIL
  18. Occasionally send customers coupons with orders (free-ish) FAIL
  19. Publish a pattern for sale every month after book (months with paid designs in other pubs = free) (free) FAIL
  20. Tax Question #1 (not sure)
  21. Tax Question #2 (not sure) FAIL
  22. Tax Question #3 (not sure) FAIL
  23. Tax Question #0 (not sure) FAIL
  24. Make a monthly and annual budget (free) FAIL
  25. Fixties: Get vacuum cleaners serviced (no idea) FAIL
  26. Get food processor fixed (no idea) FAIL
  27. See if rice cooker can be repaired (no idea) FAIL
  28. Repair push mower (no idea) FAIL
  29. See if it’s possible to fix the awesome waffle maker so I can ditch the blah one (no idea) What actually happened is that I got an awesome waffler from vine, same net effect.
  30. Fix chainsaw (no idea) FAIL
  31. Continue Work Swap with Charlene (free) FAIL
  32. Examine the roof and evaluate whether there are any repairs I can try (evaluation=free; repairs…?) Got pretty obliterated in the tornado, so it’s beyond DIY repairs now, but got two of the wings repaired from tornado, so I’m calling it good.
  33. Put all the hardware back on the back door (free)
  34. Install one auto-off light switch ($30) FAIL
  35. Make: Make something new out of my old coats (free) FAIL
  36. Hem all pajamas (free)
  37. Hem ski pants (free)
  38. Make hats and scarves to coordinate with my sweaters so I can minimize the hobo look (free) FAIL
  39. Make a baling wire basket (free) FAIL
  40. Set up and use the knitters loom (free) FAIL
  41. Make a wool-filled comforter of old sheets and wool seconds (free) FAIL
  42. Make some supersoft neck liner things for scratchy wool sweaters (free) FAIL
  43. Make cardboard forms of stock sizes (free) FAIL
  44. Make some recycled wool throws (free)
  45. Make hard cider (free) FAIL
  46. Make at least one of my beer kits (free) FAIL
  47. Attach leather soles to Bunny Hop slippers (free)
  48. Tour de Fleece (free) FAIL (first week only)
  49. Put deck back on top of barn (should have everything, but maybe $25 for extra fasteners) FAIL
  50. Make something fun with Ron (free) FAIL
  51. Make screen door for north back door ($50) FAIL
  52. Cupcake Ranch: Start a fiber CSA (free)
  53. Rearrange the coop so the new chickens like it better (free)
  54. Add panels to the hay rack to minimize messy fleeces ($30 if I don’t have suitable materials) FAIL
  55. Chop down and kill off seedlings in pasture (free) FAIL
  56. Spray fields if possible; pull weeds like a maniac if not ($500 or free except for the crippling labor of weeding 7 acres by hand) FAIL
  57. Gather up all the sticks in the pasture before the grass starts growing again (free)
  58. Make a nice burn pile near the fire pit (free)
  59. Clear the path around the property (free) FAIL
  60. Make a winter door for the top of the coop (free, if I can find the hardware) FAIL
  61. Make a winter drop ceiling for the coop (free) FAIL
  62. Make a mower shelter with the 2nd swingset frame ($50 for tarp) unnecessary; we bought the  garage next door, but I’m taking this one since the net effect–shelter for mower–is the same
  63. Get some greenhouse plastic and cover the old coop for a sun hut/greenhouse ($100) FAIL
  64. Repair stanchion and return to Sherri Didn’t actually repair it, but did give it back. :) (free)
  65. Move dead freezer into hay shed for grain/storage, and move that whole rutting back door farmy clusterfuck outside (free)
  66. UV-protect sheep jackets (free) FAIL
  67. Jacket sheep (free) FAIL
  68. Install solar light in hay shelter (free) Not solar, but inexpensive handy led work light with a hook and a magnet, nice!
  69. Process 2011 Cupcake Ranch fleeces (a lot…)
  70. Process State Fair fleeces into yarn (probably a lot) FAIL
  71. Send 2012 fleeces out for processing by July (a lot…) FAIL
  72. Streamline/Organize/Clean: Find a nice bin to use to keep scarves, hats, etc. attractively at the ready FAIL
  73. Destash (knit or elminate) 100 balls of yarn. (free) FAIL
  74. Destash (spin or eliminate) 10 pounds of fiber (free) FAIL
  75. Vacuum/tidy up boiler room (free)
  76. Get Purple Wave to auction all that random extra crap (free-ish) FAIL
  77. Open up 25% of the space the storage room (free) FAIL
  78. Darn 5 prs socks (free) FAIL
  79. Clean laundry room (free)
  80. Clean one thing each day (free) FAIL
  81. Get rid of one thing each day (free) FAIL
  82. Make a Goodwill run every month (free-ish) FAIL
  83. Art Club: Do a full inventory on my shop (free) FAIL
  84. Find suitable inventory software–ideally an ip ad app ($50?) FAIL
  85. Talk to an accountant to help drag my head out of my ass (not sure) FAIL
  86. Figure out what’s up with calendar clould sync fuckup (free)
  87. Design: Issue Naughty Needles as an ebook FAIL
  88. Issue Naughty Needles individual patterns as pdfs FAIL
  89. Finish up href=”http://alpacasofwildcathollow.com”>Wildcat Hollow site (free)
  90. Finish Wiley book on time (no idea) A bit late thanks to tornado, but reasonably close
  91. Promote the book as much as I can (no idea)
  92. Publish 5 free patterns (free) FAIL
  93. Make a web site for the book (free) Skimpy so far, but there.
  94. Self-improvement: Spanish rosetta stone level 1 (free) FAIL
  95. No more than 1 free game of scrabble/day (free) FAIL. Some extended runs of Scrabble depravity.
  96. Sweep on Mondays (free) FAIL
  97. Scrub sinks and toilets on Tuesdays (free) FAIL
  98. Laundry on Thursdays (free) FAIL
  99. Take out the garbage and tidy up the recycling on Wednesdays (free)
  100. Dishes MWF (free) FAIL
  101. Keep Sonicare charged and use the FULL cycle every day (free) FAIL Kept it charged, impatient about finishingfull cycle
  102. Find out if I can do the Flint Hills technical program just one class at a time (free to find out) FAIL
  103. Cancel Monthly Pass (free)
  104. Achieve and Maintain WW goal (WW fees) FAIL, for obvious reasons
  105. Harveyville Project: Hammer down cheese school details in January (free) FAIL
  106. Start Yarn School planning early, and spend conservatively (free) FAIL
  107. Follow the same for Fiber School! (free)
  108. And Mitten School! (free)
  109. Harveyville PSIQs (free) FAIL
  110. Finish Eskridge photos (not sure) FAIL
  111. Return Eskridge photos to Alumni Assn if sale goes through (free) FAIL
  112. Make some feed sack totes (free) FAIL

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