Überlist 2010

  1. CRAFT/MARTHA: Finish and send Drusilla
  2. ART CLUB: Make huge lot of batts & fiber for Winter Woolfest; add leftovers to site next week (NC)
  3. ART CLUB: Finish remaining calendars by 1/15 (NC)
  4. MONEY: Add all regular payments to checking software
  5. MONEY: Christmas returns by 1/15
  6. CRITTERS: Try out other feed store by MV High School
  7. CRAFT/MARTHA: Make recycled long underwear & write up for Natalie (NC)
  8. CRITTERS: Replace barn cords with short cords; add cuphooks or wraps to keep cords out of the way (NC)
  9. CLUTTER/GTD: New battery for Explorer
  10. CRAFT/MARTHA: Reball all building scarf  yarn into bulky balls to maximize volunteer knitting
  11. CLUTTER/GTD: Send Adrian’s thank-you gift from last fall!!!
  12. INSIDE/BUILDING: Fix light fixture in south back hall ($150?)
  13. CRITTERS: Buy or make a proper hay bunk/grain trough (gift from dad)
  14. CLUTTER/GTD: Figure out a modest routine for work and chores. Really, really, basic, like you’d give a 6-year-old. (NC)
  15. INSIDE/BUILDING: Get generator switch ready to go (NC–paid already, I think)
  16. CLUTTER/GTD: Catch up with old filing (NC)
  17. INSIDE/BUILDING: Re-install corner kitchen cabinet (NC)
  18. OUTSIDE/GARDEN: Get cinderblocks for both gates as a stopgap until ground thaws and we can (theoretically) install real hardware ($5)
  19. CLUTTER/GTD: Eat down freezers enough to completely empty resident freezer and backup deep freeze. (NC)
  20. CLUTTER/GTD: Clean my bedroom (NC)
  21. CLUTTER/GTD: Set up a nice, clean sewing area (NC)
  22. CRITTERS: Fix the fucked up electric fence–make into 2 shorter fences. (NC)
  23. CRAFT/MARTHA: Hunt down and frog or finish all WIP before casting on anything new
  24. INSIDE/BUILDING: Fix boys’ room toilet & sluggish girls’ room toilet
  25. CLUTTER/GTD: Clean and paint and repair and organize one bedroom closet ($20 for hardware to fix shelves)
  26. OUTSIDE/GARDEN: Finish courtyard fence ($300)
  27. CLUTTER/GTD: Organize gym closet for Yarn School stuff–rolling shelves? ($100)
  28. CRITTERS: Burn out or clear off branches from pasture (NC)
  29. *CRITTERS: Stake out/maintain a semi-permanent rotation for summer grazing. (NC)
  30. CRAFT/MARTHA: Sew myself at least 1 skirt and 1 dress (NC)
  31. COMMUNITY: Actively recruit 2 more Art Share programs (NC)
  32. CRITTERS: Graze the sheep on as much of the pasture as possible before spring (NC)
  33. MONEY: Sell 5 patterns/articles (NC) 1 2 3 4 5
  34. CRITTERS: Buy and install flooring grids in barn and coop (gift from dad)
  35. CLUTTER/GTD: Make laminated sign for dishwasher
  36. *HVP: Keep Sherri as a helper if she’s available (as long as possible; alas, only half the year)
  37. CLUTTER/GTD: Destash NET 100 balls (100-4 for Ron’s sweaters=96+3 from Drusilla leftovers=99+13 from Texas trip=112-2 from Heartfelt Gaiters=110-1 for Freddy’s box=109-4 from Silk Garden raglan=105-1 for knit.1 ribbed tank=104-1 bunny slippers = 103-1 for mystery knitty submission=102+6-6 Sonata for potholder swap=102 again) – 3 =99 (STR destash) -1=98 (Lorna’s lace destash) -4=94 (Lion Wool for Carnaby)-4=90 (Donegal Tweed destash)-3=87 (Biggy print destsh)-4=83(B&L destash) -4=79 (silkroad destash) -1=78 (boucle cone destash)-2=76 (KP lace destash)-2=74 (Lorna’s laces destash)-1=73(asland trends destash) -1=72 (brushed mohair destash)-10=62 (maxi destash)-1=61 (KP shadow destash)-4=57 (turquoise lace destash)-6=51 (fixation destash) -4=47 (plush destash)-2=45 (zen destash -5=40 (labella destash) -1=39 (fingerlakes 4oz vest) -1=38 (o-wool 4oz vest) +2=40 (leftover lorna’s laces from Carnaby reknit)-1=39 (Ozark handspun destash)-4=35 (KP shadow destash) -9=26 (Kool Wool destash) -9=17 (Hip Hop destash) -9=8 (Di Ve destash) -10=-2 (lion cotton bulky destash) -5=-6 (labella destash) – 1 = -7 (brushed alpaca destash) -1=-8 (boucle cone destash) -1=-9 (Zwool destash) -2=-11 (frog tree destash) -1=-12 (opal sock destash) -1=-13 (biggy destash) -4=-17 (kool wool destash) -6=-23 (lion wool destash) – 24 (5#+ destash) = -45-2=-47 (ultra silk destash)-5=-52 (fiocco blue destash)-5=-57(Rachel sock destash) -1 =-58 (Malabrigo in wham bam) -2=-60 (220 in watermelon stuff)
  38. HEALTH: Annual exam (<$100)
  39. HVP: Hold Mitten School (NC)
  40. OUTSIDE/GARDEN: Convert old chicken coop to small greenhouse (<100)
  41. CRAFT/MARTHA: Make hard cider or beer (<$50)
  42. *CRAFT/MARTHA: Make a new recipe from one of my cookbooks each week (NC) (Getting ahead/catching up is A-okay. The point is to use my cookbooks. Bold = would make again)
    Week 1: Southern-Style Skillet Cornbread from the America’s Test Kitchens Family Baking Book. Added fresh jalapeno.
    Week 2: Smoky Herb Salad from New Vegetarian.

    Week 3: No-Knead Bread from Mother Earth News.
    Week 4: LBJ’s Perdanales River Chili from The Complete Book of Soups and Stews, canned according to the instructions in The Complete Book of Home Preserving; Habanero Rosemary Jelly based on various jellies from The Complete Book of Home Preserving.
    Week 5: Hot and Sour Soup from New Vegetarian.
    Week 6: Chole from New Vegetarian
    Week 7: Garlicky Potatoes with Spinach & Pine Nuts (minus the olives) from New Vegetarian
    Week 8: Homemade Mayonnaise/Aioli and Warm Aioli Potato Salad from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone; Miso Vinaigrette from The Carefree Cook

    Week 9: Onion Soup from Cook’s Cannon
    Week 10: Saucy Apple Cake from
    100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes
    Week 11: Boston Baked Beans from Cook’s Illustrated web site (not technically a cookbook, but spiritually one, since I do pay for it)

    Week 12: Coconut Lime Bars from
    100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes
    Week 13: Joe’s Brownies from 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes
    Week 14: Cornin’ Around Muffins and Peanut Butter Cookies (added chopped dark chocolate) from
    100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes; Red Velvet Cupcakes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes
    Week 15: Chocolate Fudge Cake and Yellow Layer Cake (made vegan w/ applesauce) from Gluten-Free Baking Classics; Cream Cheese Icing from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes; Plus a great vegan artichoke dip, adapted from an internet recipe I hope I kept
    Week 16: 101 Cookbooks Vegan Quiche (filling only); Chocolate Ganache from
    100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes; Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes
    Week 17: Spaghetti Carbonara from How to Cook Everything. I can’t believe I’ve never made carbonara. We added asparagus and it was delicious.
    Week 18:
    Mustard Short Ribs from Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Family Favorites (credited from extra Week 6 recipe)
    Week 19:
    Red Cabbage & Andouille Soup (subbed for Keilbasa) from A Good Day for Soup (credited from extra Week 7 recipe)
    Week 20:
    Dutch Baby from The Farmstead Egg Cookbook
    Week 21: Meat Loaf from The Kansas Cookbook [-cheese +pork +green chiles +Worcestershire](credited from extra Week 8 recipe)
    Week 22: Strawberry Shortcake from
    America’s Test Kitchens Family Baking Book
    Week 23: Pie Plant Pie from
    The Kansas Cookbook
    Week 24: Almond Gooseberry Cream Pie, Oatmeal-Crusted French Toast, and Lemon Curd from The Berry Bible; Baby Carrot Cakes from Small Batch Baking
    Week 25: Planked Goat Cheese with Jam & Tapenade, Planked Root Vegetables & Planked Porkchops with Garlic Rosemary Slather from 25 Essentials: Techniques for Planking
    Week 26: Grandma’s Cornbread from from The Kansas Cookbook
    Week 27: Whole Wheat Banana Bread from The Kansas Cookbook
    Week 28: Lemon Ginger Scones from The Berry Bible
    Week 29: Chocolate cookies from Cooky Cookbook
    Week 30: Brownies from Cooky Cookbook
    Week 31: Blondies from Cooky Cookbook
    Week 32: Applesauce Cake from I forget (yuck)
    Week 33: Sherry Vinaigrette from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
    Week 34: Potato Salad with Sweet Pickles from
    Cooking for Issiah
    Week 35: Oven Fries from Cooking for Isiah
    Week 36: Shrimp and Corn Fritters from Cooking for Isiah
    Week 37: Shrimp and Carmelized Scallion Rice Cakes from Cooking for Issiah
    Week 38: Seeded wheat bread from breadmaker book
    Week 39: Bread Pudding from Lee Bailey’s Country Desserts, made with stale grocery store cake instead of bread
    Week 40:
    Banana Muffins, adapted from Pumpkin Muffins from Cooking for Issiah
    Week 41: Peanut Butter Cookies
    100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes. I’ve made them before (also varying the recipe. This time made with oats instead of flour, butter instead of vegan. Note: make same again, smaller, as sandwich cookies with Nutella filling, yum!
    Week 42: Tante Matilde’s Cornbread from Gourmet’s Guide to New Orleans (1951)
    Week 43: Whole Wheat Bread from the little cookbook that came with my $26 Target clearance Breadman breadmaker!
    Week 44: Ginger Beer from the Alden Amos spinning book. Needs way more sugar, or way less yeast fermentation before cooling
    Week 45:Dutch Apple Pie from
    America’s Test Kitchens Family Baking Book (Ellen actually made it, but I did eat it, so it’s served my purpose of trying recipes)
    Week 46: Basic loaf from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
    Week 47: Impossible Pie from Lee Bailey’s Southern Desserts
    Week 48: Brined Pork Chops with Apples and Onions from Dean & Deluca Cookbook
    Week 49: Turnips in Mustard Sauce from How to Cook Everything
    Week 50:
    Yellow Cake from Small Batch Baking
    Week 51: Easy Chocolate Torte (or something like that) from
    America’s Test Kitchens Family Baking Book
    Week 52: Lentil Soup from Better Homes & Gardens Crockery Cookbook
  43. CLUTTER/GTD: Put away stray books and organize magazines from all over the building (NC) Glad it only said to organize the magazines. I can’t remember whether that’s what I really meant, but we’ll just go with that.
  44. CRAFT/MARTHA: Make a flannel nightgown (NC)
  45. MONEY: Photograph the Color Source Book and put that gorgeous baby online!
  46. *CLUTTER/GTD: Achieve and maintain a 1-screen inbox (ultimate goal: Inbox Zero, unlikely)
  47. *CRAFT/MARTHA: One substantial knitting project per month–must use Rhinebeck haul EOM (NC) JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Not quite as much Rhinebeck stuff as I’d hoped, but I’m going to call it good, since I destashed some as well.
    : WIP. Drusilla, Ron’s Hurryup
    , Ron’s raglan, Sue’s camisole.
    : WIP. Freddy’s box (previously Ron’s Macbook sleeve), Noro Silk Garden Lite Raglan (RH); knit.1 ribbed tank.
    : Blue Bunny Hop (last WIP), knitty first fall submission, 5 potholders for swap
    : no FO, but good progress on Drops 110-2; and I’m ahead so much from last time I give myself credit for April
    : Worked a little on Yarn School blanket & Drops 110-2 (RH), but really need to bust ass in June to get credit for May.
    : That Girl! Cardi Jacket for Craft (not stash yarn); worked on Carnaby for Knitty Fall
    : Finished green Carnaby and new That Girl
    : red Carnaby reknit, two 4-oz vests
    : I’ll credit those 2 vests for this month (RH)
    : Several hats for quick gifts class
    : First Hat for quick gifts class; exteriors of Flocked Mittens; Handspun socks (RH); Leaning Cowl of Pisa, Wham Bam thank you lamb.
    December: French Kiss beret, Laurel beret, second French Kiss and Laurel berets, second Leaning Cowl of Pisa, Watermelon hat, iphone mittens, 2 cabled hats, Flocked mittens

  48. *CLUTTER/GTD: Keep emergency phone charged and up-to-date (NC) JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
  49. *COMMUNITY: Buy the items they sell at at Riggins there instead of Dillons. It’s not a ton, because most of our groceries are fresh produce, bread, etc. But we bought all our Diet Coke, chips, milk, etc. there, and most of our gas, and I feel I’m more or less in the habit now (you have to plan a head a bit because of the hours), so I definitely want to keep this going.
  50. *CRAFT/MARTHA: Knit a foot a week on the building scarf (NC) JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
  51. INSIDE/BUILDING: Install bathtub drain I bought
  52. ART CLUB: Skein or make dye blanks with all undyed cone yarn (NC)
  53. CRITTERS: Dig out area around coop entrance  and fit door with low threshold so coop door can’t freeze shut (NC)
  54. OUTSIDE/GARDEN: Clean up breezeway (NC) (this was mostly Ron. Like 95% him. I threw away a little trash and tidied up the gardeny stuff. Honestly, the chickens helped more than me. But it got done, that’s the important thing.

  1. CRITTERS: Spend 5 minutes/day just hanging out with the sheep (NC) (I probably actually did this more or less, but it wasn’t relaxing and deliberate as I intended, so it will go on next year’s list.)
  2. INSIDE/BUILDING: Fix bed ($20)
  3. INSIDE/BUILDING: Fix comforter in my bedroom and put on new duvet set. Almost! Fixed the old comforter, but didn’t put on the new duvet (waiting until the bed is fixed)
  4. OUTSIDE/GARDEN: Pick bagworms off bushes (NC)
  5. HVP: Put dye lab gift certificates online
  6. INSIDE/BUILDING: Replace white board in bedroom (NC)
  7. INSIDE/BUILDING: Frame some of those Naughty Needles enlargements (NC)
  8. INSIDE/BUILDING: Hide/tidy basement wiring ($10 for zip ties)
  9. ART CLUB: Finish non-etsy Art Club web site (NC)
  10. MONEY/COMMUNITY: Send in PSIQs for all 4 buildings
  11. CRAFT/MARTHA: Tailor Ron’s tape machine cover (NC)
  12. CRAFT/MARTHA: Ron’s t-shirt quilt
  13. CRITTERS: Reinforce/fix up hay shelter. Almost mad it.Just need to staple up that last tarp panel and it’s done! (Until next spring, when I want to rearrange the pallets and move in the dead freezer for grain.)
  14. CRITTERS: Install the solar light by north back door (NC)
  15. HVP: Add lunch meeting/private workshop packages to HVP site (NC)
  16. HVP: Send in agritourism insurance thing (NC)
  17. CLUTTER/GTD: Finish inventory and clearance out all old DH merch (NC)
  18. CLUTTER/GTD: Clean out my safe/closet (NC)
  19. HVP: Finish scanning all class pictures (<$300)
  20. HVP: Organize Cheese School or Sausage School (NC)
  21. INSIDE/BUILDING: Glue that stupid loose tile back in place and re-attach that stupid light fixture that’s been hanging there forever (NC)
  22. CLUTTER/GTD: Organize the craft room (NC)
  23. CLUTTER/GTD: Organize storage closet in front hall (NC) Did tidy it up, but wouldn’t call it organized yet. Maybe next year.
  24. MONEY: Make cheap pdfs of all free patterns (NC)
  25. HEALTH: Lose 10 pounds (NC)
  26. HEALTH: Checkup (<$200 with labs, I hope)
  27. HVP: Finish scanning yearbooks (NC)
  28. INSIDE/BUILDING: Roof tape loose seams over all wings ($100)
  29. INSIDE/BUILDING: Kitchen counters! (<$100–hardware/sealer)
  30. INSIDE/BUILDING: Build 1 heat grabber for Ron’s small room (<$50)
  31. INSIDE/BUILDING: Replace open shelving in kitchen with another lateral file ($100)
  32. INSIDE/BUILDING: Make a semi-permanent exhibit of pinhole photography ($20)
  33. MONEY: Send last 3 years of tax stuff to dad’s new accountant for review (NC)
  34. MONEY: Get a better accounting system set up ($100-$500)
  35. MONEY: Holy shit, lady, file your fracking taxes! Square with sales tax; still behind on income. At least I’m paid up.
  36. RAMPHOUSE/LAB34: File remaining paperwork for Lab34 (<$50)
  37. RAMPHOUSE/LAB34: Make a Lab 34 web site (NC)
  38. RAMPHOUSE/LAB34: Research DIY alternative energy
  39. INSIDE/BUILDING: New door
  40. INSIDE/BUILDING: Finish shower room: Paint door and trim and seal brick and tile (NC). Almost.
  41. OUTSIDE/GARDEN: Clear brush for walking path around fence ($100–chainsaw/tools)
  42. OUTSIDE/GARDEN: Make a deck on top of barn: cut and replace planks, extend railing, and make gate for ramp (<$100)
  43. RAMPHOUSE/LAB34: Make leftover shirts into rugs and hammocks (NC)
  44. *CLUTTER/GTD: Go through 4 boxes a month in storage. Either donate, list on ebay, or put away. (NC) JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
  45. *CLUTTER/GTD: Work through One Year to an Organized Life JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
  46. ART CLUB: Have all raw fiber processed ($300?) All of my personal wool clip is off; still have 2 alpaca blankets + Roger + merino boxlot + 7 fleeces from Midstates
  47. MONEY: New card that’s strictly for business spending (NC)
  48. *HEALTH: Unpack that recumbent bike and use it 3x a week! (NC)
  49. INSIDE/BUILDING: Install motion-detector switch in at least one room: boiler room, pantry, shower rooms (<$20)
  50. CRAFT/MARTHA: Yarn School book proposal (NC)
  51. CRAFT/MARTHA: Build and fill a snowdome display (<$50 if I can find & clean up all those old shelfy things–maybe Eiffel Tower?)
  52. INSIDE/BUILDING: Paint bedroom or office (NC)
  53. MONEY: New site for Dad
  54. CRITTERS: Move dead freezer to hay shelter for feed (NC)
  55. CRITTERS: Finish barn. Specifically: make fold-up door for top of chicken coop; attach overhangs for all top edges of coop; remove barn door and either attach on other side or leave off; seal all unsealed wood (<$20)
  56. *MONEY: End the year owing less than I did at the beginning of the year. (Technically, I did achieve this, but only because of car payments. Spiritually, it was a fail.)