4 ounce challenge!

I decided to start my 4-ounce challenge with the bigger challenge. I didn’t want to burn through my handspun right off the batt, so I started with a 4oz skein of dk stuff I got at Rhinebeck (yay! Using Rhinebeck fiber! Go Uberlist!). My first try isn’t 100%, but it’s not too shabby, either. And as a byproduct, I have a little Rhinebeck souvenir!

The block printing class was today, and it was great fun! I’m afraid I have a new interest on my hands! I made a suicide block of Mr Shivers, and I think I just might have to do all the sheep!

Everyone donated a print from the workshop. I’m going to mount or matt or whatever the prints and make an Art Share section on etsy and we can use any sales to buy art supplies for the next class. If we do that for all the classes, I think it will help keep our little volunteer organization funded and keep our free classes free. Yay, Art Share!

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