Überlist 2018 (in progress)

Step 1, crib from last year’s list, repeat successes with continued appeal, delete anything unappealing & edit things that are appealing but didn’t work. 

Step 2, add new brainstorming list.

Step 3. Get it down to 100 so those extra 18 are flexible.

Step 4. Incentivize rollovers more than one year overdue.

New. Rollovers. Insanely overdue rollovers. Repeats. Tally-able. Trackable Routine. Monthly routine. .

New rule: No more than 7 routines (so, trackable in the planner!) I’m changing many of the monthly, etc. ones (things that actually have no reason to be regular) number counts. That way if I want to bang them all out at once, I can, and I don’t add any pressure to my routine load. Hopefully that will help me get better with routines.

  1. SANITY: Spend more time with other adult humans (Spinsters, dinner with friends, etc.)
  2. Visit friends in Austin
  3. Call or write legislators/agencies monthly on key issues.*
  4. Keep working at keeping my shit together/improving.
  5. Respond quickly with emails and thank yous, even if I don’t have time to answer thoroughly and thoughtfully, because a quick answer is better than putting it off until it’s overdue and awkward.
  6. THE BEST NESTPaint the pony wall color(s) I love.
  7. Paint my office
  8. Install or return shower hoop
  9. Reverse doorknob and see if that solves Freddy Problem
  10. Hot tub time machine!
  11. Devise a very basic Home Routines plan + important seasonal tasks. Keep it super simple.
  12. Use Home Routines daily
  13. Get rid of that old Dish receiver and dumb  cable outside the Math wing
  14. Remove old, unused cords and cables in basement
  15. Figure out laundry room.
  16. Move wardrobe and dresser and inspect floor to be sure there’s no new termite damage. Knock out damaged bits so there’s a clear boundary.
  17. Knock out broken glass from gym window
  18. Divide rug in half for bedside.
  19. Scrub upstairs hall
  20. Fix stroller tire
  21. Clean Gertrude house
  22. Replace broken windows: Gertrude, garage, grade school
  23. Replace gas line to water heater before restoring gas
  24. Experiment with plaster repair
  25. Clean ceiling fan
  26. Cover raggedy spots on pipe covers in basement
  27. Assemble gas grill
  28. Add drawers to office or bedroom cabinets
  29. Soak the cat fountain in vinegar to delime
  30. A FRIEND IN TECHNOLOGY: Figure how to get off Facebook personally but leave business page, or get off altogether if that’s impossible
  31. Fix naughtyneedlesknitting.com issue or kill site. 
  32. Move Flickr photos to Amazon, then delete Flickr pro before renewal (March)
  33. Set up Amazon photo backup for devices
  34. MAKEMake one wine kit by March; if not, give it away.
  35. Make one beer kit by March; if not, give it away.
  36. Gather all old WIP. Dispatch albatrosses and finish stuff I still like.
  37. Mend 20 things.
  38. Make a list of new recipes/techniques I would like to try and post it on fridge
  39. Actually try 10 of them.
  40. Keep a list of favorite dishes on fridge so I remember to make them
  41. Craftsy bread class. 
  42. Choose and make 10 things I’ve pinned.
  43. Finish Planned Parenthood mitten pattern.
  44. Build Georgie’s new dog house
  45. Reinforce and insulate it
  46. Watch free videos and save recipes from Cook’s Illustrated newsletter
  47. Make weighted hand pillows
  48. Make a milk jug skeleton
  49. HEALTH & LOVLINESS: Run or full yoga 3x/week
  50. Increase step goals by 500 steps after each successful month.
  51. General husk maintenance/improvement (use beauty sub samples!).
  52. Breast self-exams
  53. 2 dental cleanings.
  54. 30-day arm challenge.
  55. Zyrtek at bedtime without fail 2 solid weeks to see if it improves general snot levels
  56. Weight Watchers goal.
  57. THRIFTY JOY: 2017 postmortem and 2018 financial goals
  58. Weekly menu plan, fridge clean & Doomsday Pantry.
  59. Reduce debt by 10%. If successful, some end-of-year goodie TBD.
  60. Ebay or craigslist something each week and put it towards credit card debt
  61. List all my sub box surplus on MSA
  62. Initiate or accept 10 swaps, aiming to accumulate gifts
  63. No non-emergency personal credit card spending. When spending on Amazon or Costco, pay sum back to card with any purchases.
  64. Put cash in my self-control jar and record success when I resist unnecessary/impulse spending.
  65. Contract pantry to clear guest, catering fridges and all but top shelf of gray hanging file.
  66. Contract freezer to deep freezes only, plus sheet shelf clear in pantry freezer.
  67. Only buy fresh produce and milk in January.  Everything else from pantry/freezer.
  68. Review personal & shop financials with Ron each month
  69. MODEST WORK AMBITIONS:  Make new stuff to sell out of existing materials.
  70. Add new products to COGs spreadsheet 
  71. Income tax on time.
  72. Quarterly sales taxes on time.  
  73. 1099s on time.
  74. Card enough batts to fill batt case
  75. 2019 Woolfest: Plan out Woolfest batt demos; spin samples
  76. Improve booth plan for Woolfest–mount signs to grids and try to set up panels without legs. 
  77. Reassemble retail displays before spinsters and make desired changes to make next year easier.
  78. Stop dying Woolfest fiber January  10th! No last-minute dying, dummy! Note for next year: stop the Saturday before.
  79. Move type cabinet to basement. Clean cabinet, clean and organize type.
  80. POT LUCK: First of the month clearing.
  81. Get a Lawrence Library card.
  82. Cut down all the fallen trees or hire someone to do it
  83. Ditto fixing the fence where they fell on it
  84. Be a good executor.
  85. Make an emergency kit, including 3 days of water.
  86. Rosetta Stone Spanish 1ce/week. Gift for successful completion.
  87. Desert road trip to pick up line-o-scribe
  88. Talk to vet about something for Honeybunch’s arthritis.
  89. MOTHER OF THE YEAR:Transcribe all the weird things Twyla’s said from our texts to a notebook, and record new weird stuff
  90. Make that yardstick marker thingy for Twyla
  91. Spend time outdoors on nice days
  92. Make Year 2 book. Gift for successful completion.
  93. Make Year 3 book. Gift for successful completion.
  94. Work through reading book with Twyla (3 days a week).
  95. Frame Santa pics and buy matching frames for the next several years
  96. Frame school pictures and buy matching frames, or find one of those all-in-one frames that’s not obnoxious
  97. Twyla guitar lessons, at a time that doesn’t require a separate trip.
  98. Finish Twyla’s bed.
  99. Finish Twyla’s room.
  100. Monthly slow dinner together at a table, with table-setting and conversation and a proper dessert and no screens (lowered expectations to monthly) Reward: earn a restaurant dinner or movies for each family dinner
  101. Maintain Twyla dental routine.
  102. Invent effective Twyla toy pickup routine.
  103. Make and use kid book from planner file.
  104. Assemble sand box
  105. LESS: 2:1 Vine, same day
  106. IFinally dispatch unwanted gear with Purple Wave this year. Reward: new range, the kind with a motherfucking salamander, y’all!
  107. 40 Bags in 40 Days.
  108. Pick an area of focus for each month and concentrate on culling crap and cleaning for just an hour a week in said zone.
  109. OVERWHELMING REPAIRS: Grade school roof
  110. Master improvement plan for next 10 years