Überlist 2017

Step 1, crib from last year’s list, repeat successes with continued appeal, delete anything unappealing & edit things that are appealing but didn’t work. Done. 87 remain on first draft.

Step 2, add new brainstorming list.

Step 3. Get it down to 100 so those extra 17 are flexible.

  1. BE A BETTER HUMAN: Resist the impulse to be a dick.
  2. Dinner with friends occasionally.
  3. Actively promote or support feminism and women’s health.
  4. Actively advance or promote science and critical thinking.
    (both above: try to do so outside of the confines of my bubble)
  5. Become an SGU member.
  6. Become a MaximumFun member.
  7. Become a Slate Plus member.
  8. THE BEST NESTPaint the pony wall color(s) I love.
  9. Hot tub time machine!
  10. Switch plate cover in pantry (single gang handy box toggle switch cover).
  11. Fix that floppy piece of pipe covering in Social Science room.
  12. Make HomeRoutines an actual routine.
  13. Improve setup of pantry/dish room.
  14. Hang curtains in office Add slats to fill in the gaps in shed pallets.
  15. Improve setup of kitchen drawers
  16. Buy and install sink aerators.
  17. Remove dead apple trees.
  18. Replace back curtain.
  19. Make lift-our trays for Christmas ornament boxes
  20. A FRIEND IN TECHNOLOGY: Opt out of self-inflicted spam as it arrives.
  21. Price getting a phone again.
  22. Fix naughtyneedlesknitting.com issue or kill site.
  23. Scan and destroy incoming paper
  24. Switch to paperless billing where possible.
  25. Scan any old paperwork I need to keep and destroy originals
  26. Redo Harveyville Project site with new template
  27. MAKE: Make one wine kit; if not, give it away at the end of the year.
  28. Make one beer kit; if not, give it away at the end of the year.
  29. Knit something each month. Finishing old WIP counts.
  30. Sew something new or mend 2 old things each month.
  31. Spin a skein each month.
  32. Get my flour tortillas just how I want them.
  33. Cook something new or improve something old each month (ideas: bacon, ham, soft pretzels, those yeast rolls, speiedies, that other Christmas crack)
  34. Craftsy bread class.
  35. Actually make something I’ve pinned each month (can overlap other MAKE goals)
  36. Finish and list charity mittens.
  37. Rag rug
  38. HEALTH & LOVLINESS: Run, then mini-yoga 3x/week.
  39. General husk maintenance/improvement (use beauty sub samples!).
  40. Annual exam
  41. Pick a PCP and get a general checkup before April.
  42. 2 dental cleanings.
  43. 5 fruit/veg each day before any sweets.
  44. Daily probiotic food.
  45. Add pushups and sit-ups to exercise routine; make monthly increase.
  46. Daily Headspace.
  47. THRIFTY JOY: Continue to use and enjoy What Did I Buy Today?
  48. Use contents of cat bank for a family weekend treat once it’s full. Omaha Zoo? Chicago train?
  49. Weekly menu plan & fridge clean.
  50. Weekly Doomsday Pantry.
  51. 2016 reckoning and 2017 financial goals
  52. Pay down 10% of all debt.
  53. Work up to using YNAB as intended, not just for tracking after the fact. By the end of the year, I’d like to actually budget in advance instead of filling it all in retroactively at the end of the month.
  54. Cancel beauty and gift subs before they auto-renew; go month-to-month on Glossybox after sub ends and use all Glossydots, then cancel; don’t resub until beauty hoard has dwindled.
  55. Take part in sub box swaps.
  56. Use gift certificates, vouchers, points, and big coupons before they expire. Return unwanted items in time.
  57. Wash and create a use plan the day the CSA arrives
  58. Move autopays and default payment methods to debit card or checking account.
  59. Instead of buying stuff on impulse, add it to my Goodies List & get it when I’m particularly flush, have sold something, or have earned a treat.
  60. Gather up fancy kid clothes and take to nice kiddie resale shop
  61. Exercise moderation with Cartwheel and ibotta
  62. MODEST WORK AMBITIONS:  Employ 1 small marketing idea.
  63. Income tax on time.
  64. Quarterly sales taxes on time.  
  65. 1099s on time.
  66. Invoostigate a Kickstarter improvement project for Cupcake Ranch or The Harveyville Project.
  67. Analyze new project and start after Yarn School if it makes sense and seems plausible, time-wise.
  68. New booth plan for Woolfest.
  69. Select a new insurance plan.
  70. POT LUCKWeekly clearing.
  71. Program thermostat.
  72. Get a Lawrence Library card.
  73. Repair Georgie’s dog house.
  74. Repair pop hole latch.
  75. Make an emergency kit.
  76. Rosetta Stone Spanish 1x/week
  77. MOTHER OF THE YEAR: Transcribe all the weird things Twyla’s said from our texts to a notebook.
  78. Make that yardstick marker thingy for Twyla
  79. Spend time outdoors on nice days
  80. Print a copy of Year 1 book for us.
  81. Make Year 2 book.
  82. Make Year 3 book.
  83. Make Year 4 book.
  84. Finish Twyla’s bed.
  85. Finish Twyla’s room.
  86. Weekly slow dinner together at a table, with table-setting and conversation and a proper dessert and no screens
  87. Twyla dental routine.
  88. Twyla toy pickup routine.
  89. Incentivize! Make reward center for new skills & good behavior.
  90. Make and use daily Book of Twyla from planner file.
  91. LESS: Discard or donate one box of stuff each week. And get it the fuck out; don’t let it pile up.
  92. Donate entire “To sell” hoard in the gym if still there by  year’s end.
  93. Get rid of clashy napkins.
  94. Send old printer to dad.
  95. Finally dispatch unwanted equipment with Purple Wave this year.
  96. End the year with half as much fiber (not including unprocessed CR)
  97. Monthly tecycling run
  98. 40 Bags in 40 Days
  99. KonMari: Clothing
  100. KonMari: Papers
  101. KonMari: Health & beauty
  102. KonMari: Office supplies
  103. KonMari: Art & craft supplies
  104. KonMari: Kitchen stuff
  105. KonMari: Household supplies
  106. KonMari: Tools & home improvement crap
  107. KonMari: Tech
  108. KonMari: Linens
  109. KonMari: Livestock/Garden
  110. KonMari: Twyla’s Clothing
  111. KonMari: Twyla’s Toys
  112. KonMari: Collections
  113. KonMari: Pictures, letters, mementos
  114. OVERWHELMING REPAIRS: Brick on high school

Future maybes:

  • Install Cricket software on laptop?
  • Cricket new signs for grade school doors?
  • Cricket planner stickers?
  • Air B&B grade school for summer?
  • Contact smoker people about advancer