Überlist 2014

Total: 39. Poor showing.

Fuck off, 2013! Hello, 2014, you beautiful, clever thing! Here we go! This year’s theme is about using what I have, winnowing what I don’t need, and finishing what I’ve started. Yes, this is the first time I’ve used a theme. Last couple years, I broke it down by category. This time, it’s by commitment.

    1. Ongoing/Habit-ish, starting immediately: Achieve Rule #4!
    2. 24-hour wait on non-essential purchases; 30-day (!) wait on non-essential purchases over $50. One exemption a month, for special sales only. Überlist items are exempt, as they’re non-impulsive by nature.
    3. Book payments into YNAB immediately when bills arrive.
    4. End 2014 20% better financially than 2013.
    5. Baby Signing Time.
    6. Refrain from eating after midnight except on holidays
    7. Go to bed by 12:30 unless I’m actually doing something (and watching TV or a movie doesn’t count as doing something, although finishing a movie or show in progress is fine)
    8. Walk or yoga daily (just one of the 20-minute mini-things is fine)
    9. No solitaire Scrabble
    10. Shred and recycle giant pile of randomness; shred as it comes thereafter.
    11. Ongoing/habitish, starting in the future: Spanish Rosetta Stone level 1.
    12. Start real family dinners after Twyla’s 2nd birthday.
    13. Jacket sheep after 2014 shearing.
    14. Daily benchmark: 365 Project.
    15. 365 Twyla.
    16. One Line a Day journal.
    17. Weekly benchmark: Mend or abandon one garment each week
    18. Post to The Thrifty Knitter each week.
    19. Weekly meal plan for thrift and good health
    20. Dispatch one large box of stuff every week via eBay, Etsy, or Goodwill.
    21. Monthly benchmark: $25/month budget for baby mad money; $15/month personal mad money
    22. Monthly family budget meeting
    23. Take in recycling monthly
    24. Knit something from stash each month.
    25. Big Projects, followed by ongoing commitment: Open vintage etsy shop.
    26. Get Twyla out of nap chair and into crib or separate bed
    27. Tame either the hall storage closet or that monstrosity in my office
    28. Detail and maintain Prius. No eating in the car.
    29. Clean and organize office (although it was crazy again by the end of the year)
    30. Catch up with filing.
    31. Catch up with ravelry mail.
    32. Inbox zero.
    33. Clear the path around the property.
    34. Get more chickens. With only two, they forget how to be chickeny.
    35. Market past years’ fiber
    36. Read that baby sleep book, and others if necessary. Devise a routine we can pull off.
    37. Big, Finite Projects (several days to weeks, with a measurable end): Have a great booth at Winter Woolfest.
    38. Install bathroom chalkboards and chalk trough shelves
    39. Follow up and wrap up any remaining outstanding tax issues.
    40. File 2013 taxes on time
    41. Get Purple Wave to auction all that random crap.
    42. Knitted baby pants
    43. Process 2013 and 2014 fleece. ($300?)
    44. Babyproof bedroom
    45. Babyproof office
    46. Clean and organize area by back door that used to have feed, etc.
    47. Figure out handheld scanner, and scan and index 1 cookbook.
    48. Set up new changer area and organize baby crap
    49. Destash (knit or eliminate) 100 balls of yarn.
    50. Destash (spin or eliminate) 10 pounds of fiber.
    51. Babyproof basement
    52. Build rolling cupboard thing for corner of kitchen.
    53. Penny floor ($300)
    54. Replace ungrounded plugs and add additional
    55. Finish spinning Gringo fur and make dad hat.
    56. Roman blinds from energy saving blackout curtains (4)
    57. Harveyville PSIQs.
    58. Return Eskridge photos to Alumni Assn.
    59. Make mobile, book, or doll project with Ron
    60. Issue some Naughty Needles individual patterns as pdfs.
    61. Darn or recycle wrecked socks and tights
    62. Catch up on colorsourcebook with Cathy.
    63. 2 more brick sealing quotes
    64. 3 masonry repair quotes
    65. Visit Chile
    66. Add a new workshop to the calendar
    67. Beer #1
    68. Beer #2
    69. Beer #3
    70. Make a T Pearl collection.
    71. One of my brilliant pattern ideas. Hmph.
    72. Make mom’s wine kit.
    73. Prep and paint interior bedroom walls
    74. Lights and mirror or whatever the plan is for over the counter
    75. Shave/mend/spruce up hand knits and decide what new pieces from stash would be useful
    76. Medium Projects (1-2 days): Remove globs of hot glue and mastic on other walls
    77. Have sewing machine serviced. ($75?)
    78. Buy and install screened storm door for inside back door; add second if pleased ($?)
    79. Get vacuum cleaners serviced. ($?)
    80. 2 dental cleanings.
    81. Finish cider batches
    82. Equipment inventory
    83. Make a carding how-to video
    84. Make a wool & silk throw.
    85. Test out those pickled Asian pears and if they’re good, process half the pears as those and the other half as pearsauce; otherwise, all pear sauce. By end of January.
    86. Fix footstool and make a cover for glider with IKEA fabric.
    87. Small Projects (half day or less): Update shipping rates on shops.
    88. Get rid of relic pair account already, for crying out loud!
    89. Craigslist dishwasher, changer, jumperoo and door jumper
    90. Add accessories to Art Club shops
    91. Pool table cover.
    92. Babyproof stairways
    93. Return those awful towels to Kohl’s
    94. Follow up with broken baby monitor
    95. Test slick tape on drawers and window.
    96. Order and install sliding shelves for one cupboard.
    97. New elastic in fitted sheets.
    98. UV Coat those cute paper lanterns.
    99. Oil hinges on all doors.
    100. Make canvas bags for onions and potatoes.
    101. Alphabet dress
    102. Replace misprinted book
    103. Make as many bibs as possible in 2 hours.
    104. Remove drip thingy from back door to see if that solves problem.
    105. Make a fitted cart cover for catering dishes and silverware to eliminate infinite supply of clean dishes and resulting infinite supply of dirty dishes
    106. Check with new publisher about selling individual patterns
    107. Find or make a nice bin to use to keep scarves, hats, etc. attractively at the ready.
    108. Add panels to the hay rack to reduce messy fleeces. ($30.)
    109. Cover greenhouse in proper uv coated greenhouse film ($60)
    110. UV-protect sheep jackets.
    111. Refine that bootleg drop ceiling for the coop
    112. Make Ron’s other PJ pants.
    113. Get bed caddy thing all sorted out so it stays put and declutter my nightstand.
    114. Attach leather soles to Bunny Hop slippers.



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