Überlist 2009

Final tally: 47, Kelly.

  1. FAIL! Make hard cider–2010
  2. Take in all old recycling
  3. Hay bale garden–2010
  4. Make huge lot of batts & fiber for Winter Woolfest–2010
  5. Take photography class
  6. FAIL! Work through One Year to an Organized Life book–2010
  7. Go to Rhinebeck–2010
  8. FAIL! Brush my fucking teeth more! How old am I?–2010
  9. FAIL! Build and fill a snowdome display–2010
  10. FAIL! (but did make some progress) Finish barn–2010
  11. Finish fence (finished my part of it; still need to finish courtyard fence, but that involves Ron)–2010
  12. Talk to lawyer about property line issue
  13. Lease to own a big fancy dishwasher
  14. FAIL! (instead added to it) Sell 30% of yarn stash–2010
  15. FAIL! Add lunch/meeting place packages to HVP site
  16. FAIL! Move dead freezer to barn for feed
  17. FAIL! Re-install corner kitchen cabinet-2010
  18. FAIL! Kitchen counters!–2010
  19. FAIL! Take in a box of stuff to the thrift store each month–2010
  20. FAIL! Get generator switch ready to go–2010
  21. FAIL! Buy a small marine battery or solar kit for barn–2010
  22. FAIL! Catch up with old filing
  23. Catch up with dishes and cleaning kitchen
  24. FAIL! Figure out a budget–2010
  25. FAIL! Calculate 25% consumer debt–no personal spending till payoff–2010
  26. FAIL! WW goal
  27. Try to get a local WW meeting (No go; you have to have a potential leader at goal, for one, and I’m miles away)
  28. Doctor–pick one and get a checkup (I did actually scheduled this, but they cancelled because of an emergency; scheduled with another doctor January 4)–2010
  29. Annual exam
  30. FAIL! Put 25 CDs on itunes
  31. Find someplace to scan larger format things
  32. Grow beans (Okay, Tom did the actual growing, but I helped a bit and I did get lots of beans)
  33. FAIL! Build/buy Small greenhouse for herbs–2010
  34. FAIL! Figure out a sustainable way to organize the craft room
  35. Have Lowell’s plaque made
  36. FAIL! Build heat grabbers–2010
  37. FAIL! Send last 3 years of tax stuff to dad’s new accountant for review–2010
  38. Return crap heater/ac combo thing to Costco
  39. FAIL! Update active WordPress blogs
  40. Get dishwasher fixed while still under warranty
  41. Open Yarn School registration first week of January
  42. Attend grant-writing seminar
  43. Write just one grant
  44. FAIL! Replace white board in bedroom
  45. Clear out pass-through window
  46. FAIL! Buy a storage shelf and split it up between disused bathroom stalls
  47. FAIL! (Had to buy a new one, but so far, I have kept it charged) Keep emergency phone charged and up-to-date–2010
  48. Change lightbulb at north back hall
  49. Finish up all calendars in Week 1
  50. FAIL! Organize flickr
  51. Catalog stash on ravelry
  52. Buy no new raw fiber!
  53. FAIL! Make sock blanks with all that nice shetland
  54. FAIL! Knit 4″ day on building scarf
  55. FAIL! Pie in 6 new counties
  56. Put flag back up
  57. Make and put up fan covers
  58. FAIL! Make, label, and find a good single home for holiday decorations
  59. FAIL! Get an estimate on geothermal
  60. Clean out fridge
  61. Reduce absurd range of condiments by 30%–no dupes (down more than 30%; still have dupes, but they’re all old dupes, and I’m aggressively working through them)
  62. FAIL! Do taxes on time
  63. FAIL! Organize storage closet in front hall
  64. FAIL! Make cool throw pillows w/Ron  and either sell or dress beds
  65. Make a cattle panel and tarp shelter for hay
  66. Put up hay immediately
  67. Make 3 entirely new recipes–chicken & dumplings, vegan mac & cheese, smoked andouille, lentil fritatta, several pickles, blackberry jam, flour tortillas, gluten-free chocolate cupcakes & several more I’m forgetting
  68. FAIL! Finish Sue’s camisole an send the fucker off!
  69. Week-long cookoff with Sue
  70. FAIL! Cheese school–2010
  71. FAIL! Make a rug–2010
  72. Pick bagworms off bushes–2010
  73. FAIL! Make myself 3 skirts–2010
  74. FAIL! Make myself 2 dresses–2010
  75. Roof tape loose seams and see if moisture improves
  76. FAIL! Hire someone to clean out gutters and downspouts–2010
  77. Color source book with Cathy
  78. FAIL! Yarn School book proposal–2010
  79. Buy or make bag dryer
  80. Get Explorer fixed
  81. FAIL! Add Ashford equipment to Art Club site
  82. FAIL! Add undyed fiber to Art Club site
  83. FAIL! Make real (non-etsy) Art Club shop
  84. FAIL! Paint bedroom or office–2010
  85. FAIL! Clean & paint and repair and organize one bedroom closet–2010
  86. FAIL! Organize gym closet for Yarn School–rolling shelves–2010
  87. Smoke or cure something
  88. Clean kitchen
  89. PARTIAL CREDIT (I did get some info, but never filed it) Look into agritourism insurance–2010
  90. FAIL! Hide/tidy basement wiring-2010
  91. Set up weather station
  92. FAIL! Reinstate morning chores–2010
  93. FAIL! Make a special bin for Lou’s plastic and send off quarterly
  94. FAIL! Sell 100 random things on ebay–2010
  95. FAIL! Make Ron’s 2nd tape machine cover–2010
  96. Make Ron’s critter
  97. FAIL! Tailor first cover–2010
  98. FAIL! Make amp cover for Ron–2010
  99. FAIL! Make  sweater or socks every month
  100. Make myself a cabled balaclava and write up pattern
  101. PARTIAL CREDIT (got it somewhat cleaned up, but now it’s a mess again) Clean up breezeway–2010
  102. FAIL! Plant a windbreak for sheep (north)
  103. FAIL! Knit only from stash
  104. FAIL! Spin only from stash
  105. Open Textura account before Pluckyfluff
  106. Look into Lendrum account (no go; not taking new accounts)
  107. FAIL! Put together a private workshop package on site
  108. Nice Sunflower Guild meeting
  109. Put in a shower in the grade school

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