Überlist 2016

Year-end tally: 49, or 42%. Fucking Kelly, as usual.

Hooray! New Year! 2015 was kinda shitty. Fingers crossed 2016 will be kinda awesome.

I made up a first draft that had a ton of new recurring items (do x thing x times an x). When I added them all up, it was like an extra 200 hours a month. Obviously, that was idiotic and completely against the spirit of the Überlist. First I make the master list, then I think it over and cull, trying to remember my overall theme for the year: Less.

Let’s to this thing.

  1. BE A BETTER HUMAN: checkBe more generous with praise and stingy with criticism. Still need a lot of improvement, but making progress.
  2. checkBe as patient with my parents as I’d be with anyone else. Again, could be better, but improved.
  3. xtransEat all the cheese. Literal and figurative fail.
  4. xtransDaily capsule journal to help my memory
  5. xtransHave a dinner party like a normal person
  6. THE BEST NEST:xtransFill bedroom display case with stuff I love to look at.
  7. xtransPaint the pony wall colors I love.
  8. checkFix coffee maker or admit failure and quickly buy a cheap replacement without boring myself to death researching every fucking coffee maker in creation, or just forget that and keep using the Clever Dripper.
  9. checkEmpty, defrost, and clean deep freeze before new pig is ready.
  10. xtransHot tub time machine!
  11. xtransCut and mount switchplate cover in pantry
  12. xtransFigure out some way to mount that awful plug in the pantry
  13. checkSwap around IKEA drawers.
  14. checkSet up fancy new charger.
  15. xtransShelf for cake taker collection
  16. xtransCover steam pipe in basement
  17. xtransCover steam pipe per bathroom/hall in other places it looks terrible
  18. xtransStreamline and maintain HomeRoutines
  19. checkReplace laundry room light and back door lights with LEDs as they burn out.
  20. xtransRaise up those pantry cabinets off the floor
  21. checkSet up little dining room in apartment with my beloved dinette
  22. checkReprint dish sign with correct room name
  23. xtransAdd slats to shed pallets to prevent anguish.
  24. xtransKeep FMaD dough in the fridge
  25. A FRIEND IN TECHNOLOGY: checkOpt out of all my self-inflicted spam as it arrives.
  26. checkSet up email on my phone
  27. checkReset my original Scrabble app.
  28. checkInvestigate auto-backup options and implement one for the ipad
  29. xtransFix naughtyneedlesknitting.com issue or just kill site
  30. checkFix outofthefryingpan.com issue
  31. xtransTroubleshoot dad’s email thing
  32. checkRe-enter Paprika recipes and set up automatic backup
  33. MAKExtransCure and smoke my own bacon!
  34. xtransCure and smoke my own ham!
  35. checkAdd day numbers to 2017 calendar
  36. xtransMake one wine kit.
  37. xtransMake one beer kit.
  38. checkKnit or sew something new each month 1-mittens for T; 2-cashmere nightgown; 3-unloved cowl; 4-sari tunic for me, dress for T; 5-brown slip dress, indigo slip dress; 6-linen slip dress; 7-sea sheath dress; 8-yellow/gray flower sheath dress; 9-sheet sheath dress; 10-Sarah hat & duck doll for T; 11-Night Creatures mittens. 12-Dad slipper socks & hat
  39. checkCook or bake something new each month: Bolognese, bagels, flour tortillas, lobster, sauerkraut, half-cooked-freeze-ahead wings, reliably perfect pressure cooker white rice,  pressure cooker chili with beans from dry, crock pot chex mix, squishy yeast rolls, hollandaise, oven toasted cheese bread, rustic croutons (torn-up bread, considerably better and prettier than cubes)
  40. HEALTH & LOVLINESS: checkC25K 3x/week
  41. xtransMini Yoga 3x/week
  42. checkLose 10 pounds.
  43. checkThen lose another 10 pounds.
  44. xtransWeekly scrubby bath and husk maintenance
  45. checkWin the Workweek Hustle (in a regular, non-Yarn School week)
  46. checkEnroll in that cancer plan
  47. checkLook into medical deductions, both for parents and as caregiver
  48. checkAnnual exam
  49. xtransPick a PCP already and get a general checkup
  50. checkMammogram
  51. 1/2 credit check2 1 dental cleanings
  52. checkTwyla to dentist
  53. checkUse current and new beauty samples
  54. xtrans5 fruit/veg each day
  55. THRIFTY JOY: checkUse and enjoy What Did I Buy Today?
  56. xtransEarn $3 Mad Money credit for each day I don’t spend a penny and buy a treat every month or two.
  57. checkBuy a large bank and put all the loose change in it, then use it for a family weekend treat at the end of the year. Didn’t fill it up. Really big bank.
  58. checkContinue weekly fridge cleaning and menu plan to rule my leftovers with an iron fist.
  59. checkResume The Doomsday Pantry.
  60. checkFinish 2015 Reckoning.
  61. xtransRe-inventory all freezers and pantries, then print out a list for each to track current use.
  62. xtransUpdate physical lists when adding/using, then update in app asap
  63. checkPay off all rando store cards.
  64. xtransPay down 10% of all other debt.
  65. xtransMonthly YNAB Reckoning for business and personal.
  66. MODEST AMBITIONS:xtransDon’t be shy to ask customers for help spreading the gospel of the Harveyville Project/Art Club. Did a bit, but not enough to get credit.
  67. xtransRosetta Stone Spanish 2x/week
  68. xtransTake my Craftsy bread class already!
  69. checkHVP LLC.
  70. checkIncome tax on time.
  71. checkSales taxes on time.  Q4 2015 Q1 Q2 Q3 2016
  72. checkFile 1099s in January.
  73. xtransMarket Cupcake Ranch fiber.
  74. checkFigure out google business thing for shop
  75. checkDo a google business thing for Harveyville Project
  76. POT LUCK: checkNew collar for Georgie
  77. xtransWeekly clearing
  78. CHERISHED FAMILY MEMORIES, BITCHES:xtransTranscribe all the weird things Twyla’s said from our texts to a notebook.
  79. xtransMake that yardstick marker thingy for Twyla
  80. xtransShort weekday “school” for Birdy. Work up to 30 minutes.
  81. checkSpend time outdoors on nice days
  82. xtransPrint a copy of Year 1 book for us.
  83. xtransMake Year 2 book.
  84. xtransMake Year 3 book.
  85. xtransRe-read No-Drama Discipline
  86. 1/2 credit check Fix up an awesome room for Twyla. Good progress, but didn’t finish.
  87. xtransFamily dinners at a table
  88. xtransTwyla dental routine
  89. xtransTwyla toy pickup routine
  90. checkInvoostigate preschool
  91. LESS:xtransDate all “To sell” boxes and donate after 6 months if not sold
  92. xtransReplace any missing drop ceiling tiles next door, then empty out the south sump closet.
  93. xtransSell pizza ovens or printing equipment
  94. xtransDestash 100 balls of yarn.
  95. xtransDestash 10 pounds of fiber.
  96. checkRead The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  97. xtransInbox zero.
  98. checkMake something from or cull one print cookbook each week.
  99. 1/2 credit checkKonMari: Clothing. Half-credit because I didn’t sell/mend the sell/mend bins, though I did an excellent initial run and dispatched bags and bags of clothing.
  100. checkKonMari: Books
  101. xtransKonMari: Papers
  102. xtransKonMari: Health & beauty
  103. xtransKonMari: Office supplies
  104. xtransKonMari: Art & craft supplies
  105. xtransKonMari: Kitchen stuff
  106. xtransKonMari: Household supplies
  107. xtransKonMari: Tools & home improvement crap
  108. xtransKonMari: Tech
  109. xtransKonMari: Linens
  110. xtransKonMari: Livestock/Garden
  111. xtransKonMari: Twyla’s Clothing
  112. xtransKonMari: Twyla’s Toys
  113. xtransKonMari: Collections
  114. xtransKonMari: Pictures, letters, mementos
  115. SOUL-CRUSHING WORRIES:checkRepair grade school roof (really needs to be replaced, but the repair is holding up for now, fingers crossed)
  116. 1/2 credit checkFigure out WTF to do about the ceiling tiles (need a better permanent solution)