Potholder Swap!

After purging my ratty old potholders as part of my kitchen organization, I’m in dire need of some new cute ones, so I’m going to participate in the famous crocheted potholder swap this time around. I was bummed to see that wool wasn’t an option this year, only 100% cotton, which meant I couldn’t knit from stash, because my only 100% cotton is Blue Sky Alpacas, which I think is too linty for potholders, though it’s soft and lovely for garments. So for a minute, I thought I was sunk.

Then I remembered my $20 elann.com credit! It was enough to cover 6 balls of Sonata and shipping! Hurrah!

The only problem now is that I have to finish my current WIP. My Silk Garden Lite sweater only has one sleeve to go, plus the cuff of the other sleeve, which I’m going to frog so I can do the 2-color ribbing and slipped stitch edge I finally decided on for the hem. But either way, I should be able to crap out a sleeve and a cuff in the next couple days.

But then I still have 5 single slippers (one a day if I keep my head down), half a tank from a years-old UFO that I don’t even know where the pattern is anymore (2 days if I can find the pattern), another tank of my own devising (almost done–we’ll say 1 day there), almost as old, and a raglan that’s not even to the armpits. But it’s in bulky yarn, so I guess that’s not so bad, a week, maybe? And then I’ll be able to tick off another Überlist baby. That would put me at the 2nd week in March, giving me about 2 weeks to crochet 5 double-sided potholders in time to send them off to Adrian. It’s possible. And if I can’t finish all 5, at the very least, I’ll have some swanky new potholders I can just keep myself! Done and done!

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