Yarn School!

Yarn School was so much fun! Everyone was so friendly & easy-going. I was nervous about that, because this isn’t exactly a luxury resort & you never know if you’ll get a princess. I wish we could do one every month. I’d like to do a Dye School in the spring and another Yarn School next year. And maybe an informal Yarn School retreat (no classes, just freestyle) in the winter, though it would need to be group rooms, as we’ll be winterizing the grade school pretty soon. But it could be cheaper, too, which I’m sure would be happy-making.

As soon as I do a little TCB, I’m going to reward myself with playing in the dye room (aka Home Ec). Yes, I said dye room. Officially, it’s an all-purpose Craft Room that will eventually be convertable to a class kitchen. But right now, it’s Dye Central, with a zillion colors of acid dye, 8 crock pots, 3 microwaves, and 2 roasters! I was going to order myself some Knit Picks undyed as a little reward, but I think I might instead overdye some yarn I already have and buy myself some clogs. Although…. I wouldn’t mind overdyeing some of that Parade striping sock yarn that’s on clearance. I’m not overwhelmed by the colorway that’s left, but it might be dreamy overdyed, especially if I could skein it to repeat…

In other news, it looks like I might be on Knitty Gritty, but apparently they don’t cover travel and neither does my publisher because the show (and events, and seemingly everything else I have any interest in doing) “doesn’t sell books.” I don’t know what does sell books, but I’ve heard a lot of what doesn’t. Sigh. So I guess I’ll have to bankroll that myself. Rats. I had all these delusions of glamour, but I guess none of that happens until the book’s a huge, roaring success.

I’m hungry.

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  1. There must be someone who can put you up in LA, yeah? Then we just need to find you a cheap ticket and car rental.

    I have a bunch of friends in LA. Let me know if you need me to scout a couch for you.

  2. I might take you up on it. The show may air too late for initial book sales, but it seems like it would still be good publicity–and maybe I’ll have another book by then…

    Sue suggested seeing if my mom wanted to go, and make a little trip of it. Which means, of course, she’d cover the hotel. I’m 36 and still milking my mom. It’s shameful. The way of the Only Child/No Offspring.

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