Sock reunion!

Let’s hear it for small town living! Our fabulous postmaster Chris tracked down my missing sock for me. Can you believe it? It fell out of the package and got stranded at the sorting center, and they sent it on to me today. Hooray! I’m well pleased it with–the stripes are slightly different, which is very cute.

In other news, Kelly Sue and I have signed up for some knitting classes together, which means we have girl time on the books. We’re both so busy, we never end up hanging out, even though we’re geographically close. We’re taking the continental knitting/Norwegian purl class at The Studio AND going to their Winter Knitting Retreat, which is at The Elms in Excelsior Springs. I’m well pleased because A) it’s nearby; B) it’s affordable; and C) knitting retreat! yay! I’m thinking about getting a spa package at the Hall of Waters, an old WPA facility.


2 Replies to “Sock reunion!”

  1. Yay for sock reunions and double yay for girl time! W00t!

    (You realize the January thing damn near qualifies as an actual vacation, don’t you? Perish the thought! They’re making cold drinks hell, about now.)

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