Where’s that book of mine?!

I’m supposed to be getting the first real, live copy of my book, and I’m chomping at the freaking bit.


Okay, back to work.

But first, my big project list between now & the end of the year, not necessarily in order:

1. Send off pattern stuff with wheel packages and consolation/cancellation gift

2. Finish Shojo Beat column and figure out a way to photograph it with my broken camera and Ron’s less-than-ideal camera

3. DH Calendar

4. Organize wool

5. Naughty Needles Pinup Calendar

6. Proposal with Adrian

7. Clean up dye room & gym

8. Build out Naughty Needles site

9. Really organize craft room

10. Prepare garment for Knitty Gritty (maybe)

11. Alpaca design for Alpacas in Wildcat Hollow

Okay, I must stop now. I’m going to get upset. La la la la la.

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