Destashing Mama

I’m very well pleased with myself right now. I just did my first round of semi-ruthless destashing (that is, admitting that I am not a fine yarn knitter or a sock knitter, though I desparately wish I were both, but not quite admitting I’m never going to use another 10 or so pounds I will probably never get to), and I believe I have culled 10# of yarn already. I’m going to take a few quick pictures and list it all here and on a couple fiber groups and see if I can sell it all to help recover from my crazy fiber bender. I don’t feel like fucking around with ebay this time, and I’d rather elimiate the extra chunk of payola.

I’ve also decided to send off a ton of fleece to be processed. Most of the stuff I’ve bought off the farm is clean and yummy enough to scour myself, but with my incredibly hard water, it is not easy to get stuff clean, so I’m shipping off all the stuff that’s too dirty or greasy to fuck with. Right now, I’ve got several pounds of Suffolk in a cold water rinse just go get out the dirt and sweat. Then I’m dying it up in the grease and shipping it off to Stonehenge Mill for roving and batting. I think I’m going to make several batches:

  • Roving of a green and blue blend of Suffolk, Chevoit, Corriedale, and maybe a little Rambouillet, if I’m feeling froggy.
  • A reds blend of the same
  • An undyed blend of the same, but made into batting for future dyeing/blending
  • And then maybe one fleece worth of each on its own carded into batting. I have two each of Suffolk, Chevoit, and Rambouillet. I also have some Dorsett that’s a pigsty, but that I’ve already heavily skirted, so maybe I’ll throw that into the pot, too.

I’ve been spinning a fair amount. I think I might be improving. I can watch TV now with reasonable results. Not GOOD results–I’m pretty fucking primitive, but I can go along without breaking the strand and still actually pay attention to the show that’s on, and not panic when the fiber I’m using is winding down and I need to grab some more.

Okay, time to go photograph my destash. I’m going to try the waxed-paper-over-the-flash thing, and if the results are reasonable, I’ll shoot some of the funny yarn I’ve been spinning.

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