Back on the wagon

I just reenlisted in the Stashalong for 3 months! I made a list of goals/rules I have to follow. I’ve been very, very naughty lately.

1. Knit/crochet 15 new things (5/month).
2. Finish or unravel all outstanding projects.
3. Eliminate net 10 pounds of yarn (make stuff/sell). If I acquire new yarn in the form of gifts, etc., I must eliminate additional yarn so that I’m down 10 pounds overall at the end.
4. Buy no new yarn for personal use (I may buy undyed yarn specifically for Yarn School only).
5. No more fleece! I can pay for the ones on the way, but that’s it.
6. Buy no new spinning fiber for personal use (Yarn School is fine).
7. Wash or send to be processed all my raw fleece.
8. $30/month allowance for any tools/books/fiber.
9. Eliminate 10 pounds of spinning fiber (spin/sell). Yarn that I spin is exempt from #3.
10. Knit/crochet something for charity.
11. Review list weekly and post any successes, to keep me motivated.

Ack. It’s almost 3am. Shit. Before I go to sleep, I need to rinse some fleece, finish spinning that sunsetty yarn, and make a list of all the project varations/swatches for Jan to choose from. And I’d like to be in bed by 4.


1. Skirt and rebag new fleeces

2. Pick out 10# of yarn to sell. May as well jump right in.

3. Card the corriedale I washed and dyed.

4. Design some tags for the Renegade Craft Fair.

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