Fleece Madness

I just ordered a bulky flyer that I totally can’t afford, but I’m going to destash tomorrow to pay for it. I’m appalled at my lack of self-control. I resisted for a whole day, but I’m having so much fun making these ridiculous fat 2-plys and goofy bird nests. I just made a brown natural wool sloppy thick & thin with tufts of mohair locks that I’m going to ply kind of loosely (if I can actually figure out how to ply loosely…) with a strand of blood red. I’m going to call it Bunny Fight. Bunny Fight! ha ha ha.

I’m actually really happy with all my short bus yarns. I’m a big fan of things that look kind of fucked up, though. I wish I would go ahead and get good NOW, however, because I’m dying to spin my Hello Yarn and Spunky Ecclectic fiber, but I think I’d be annoyed with my impatience later. I’m saving it until I’ve at least mastered not completely overtwisting my yarn.

I can not express how much joy this is giving me. I’ve made 4 skeins (2 singles, 2 ply, and then an extra weird experiment at snagging globs onto a strand of commercial mohair that I think might actually end up pleasing if I can figure out how to dye some wool to match the mohair and make another strand to ply the whole mess with, because the globs aren’t overly secure). I tried to take pictures, but the color looks harsh with a flash and spooky without. I’ll take some tomorrow in the sun.

And I washed some chocolate Rambouillet from a ram called Munchie that is retarded it’s so buttery. And I felted a lovely cormo into a hideous pelt. And I re-washed some sticky washed fleece from a CorridaleX ewe called Shy Butterfly. It’s kind of coarse, but very strong and lofty. I’m about to find out how it spins up.

And I bought some Cormo and Polwarth from a family in Montana that I called on the telephone (what? no internet?). They’re going to send it out to me, and I pay for it after I know that I like it. Get a load of that! Like in olden times.

And I’ve set up a outdoor wash station. I don’t want to wash too much inside because I’m concerned about the grease in the pipes, but I hear the greasy water is great for plants/grass.

I’ve got fiber madness. Why am I so obsessive? Why can’t I ever act like I’m not an obsessive crazy person? My parents are coming into town this weekend, and while I’m very excited to see them, I’m also sad to be torn away from the wool.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

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