First yarn on the new wheel!

2 more batts:

With the three together, I spun this, my first yarn on my first wheel. I didn’t worry about appearance, just concentrated on making a continuous strand. I started tearing the batts into strips, but I found it easier to just spin straight from the batt, which probably results in a different look. But I don’t know enough to know, either way.

Here’s the yarn on the bobbin:

Here it is stretched out on the skeinwinder, all lit up in the evening sunlight:

The skein before washing:

And washed, still damp. It got all fluffy in the wash. I’m well pleased with the result. It’s very nesty. I’m tempted to ply it with a soft fluffy pink something, for irony.

  • mari-ann says:

    omg, that looks so cool!!!

  • Jillan says:

    the yarn looks really great! Can you reproduce the batt and sell it? I’m interested.

  • Nikol says:

    I’ve been thinking of selling some batts. Ron & I (as Art Club) will be at the Renegade Craft Fair, so maybe I’ll make up some and see what people think….

  • erin says:

    beautiful- ply it up with some silk and you’ll be set!!!

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