Fiberlicious weekend!

This is the most fiberlicious weekend since Yarn School!

Friday: Settlers Farm (new LYS) grand opening
Saturday: Dye Party Sleepover (thank you for my fabulous Spring 08 Yarn School helpers)
Sunday: Spinsters Club at Alpacas at Wildcat Hollow, with field trip to Setters Farm!

Settlers Farm Grand Opening Weekend!

(I’m kicking myself, because, as usual, I took pictures of stuff and not people! The stuff was just too sexy. I’ll have to get some people pictures on Sunday. I really meant to get a picture of the double-ended knitting of the giant scarf, and Jennifer with her 4-foot knitting needles!)

If you live in the Manhattan/Topeka area, head out to the main drag in Wamego for Jennifer’s (Whirled Yarn) brand new LYS (or is it LYSS? there’s spinning goodness!). Marilyn & I went out Friday & the Spinsters Club is heading out after our spinning circle at Marta’s. Yay!

The store is awesome! Aside from being really beautiful, it’s totally warm and inviting, with comfy chairs everywhere begging you to relax and have a little knit or a spin. Laura Mead from Laura’s Pygoras was teaching spindling. And there’s this awesome swatching bar–a table with cubbies filled with all the yarns the shop carries that you can swatch up to see how they knit! There are also little sample balls of fiber to spin. It’s so nice. She’s got Louet & Babe wheels & the Mach 1.

Now the eye candy:

Entrance & notions wall in the back.

Knitting table & chairs with the swatch bar

A lot of the yarn is displayed in awesome old cupboards & wardrobes. There’s tons of wood and natural light and high ceilings, and lots of space to walk around.

Fiber case. Balls of rovings and tops on the shelves, and drawers full of angelina, dyed locks, little balls of a million colors, and more baskets of rovings along the floor.

Wool and wool/silk dyed colors, silks, and bamboo.

Natural colors, including many local fibers and several from Jen’s own flock!

Two drawers of Angelina (each divider has several shades of that color range)!

Drawers of dyed (local!) mohair, and there’s local angora underneath!

Commercial yarn, and a good selection of hand-dyed (the hand dyed photo was really blurry–I’ll try for a better one tomorrow)

More yarn!


And my haul! I masochistically deprived myself of my favorites–the black sheep roving–because I have so much of my own right now. Plus for once in my life I was restrained and didn’t try to snake the awesome black shetland Marilyn found. (I am generally terrible to shop with–you have to be fast and/or pushy. It’s an awful quality. Well, for people shopping with me. For me, it’s great!)

And going on upstairs right now: A Good Day to Dye! Dye/Slumber party, a little thank you for my fabulous Spring 08 helpers! And wherever there are spinsters, there are sweets. Cathy brought cookies, Jen brought homemade marshmallows, and Marilyn brought some kind of chocolate raspberry torte thing. Temptresses!

I only picked up this half of the craft room. The other half’s a disaster. Now, I’m off to join the fun!

5 Replies to “Fiberlicious weekend!”

  1. That looks like so much fun. I love that new LYS, I wish I had something like that near me. And that ceiling is crazy beautiful.

    I really hope I can make it to Yarn School next spring.

  2. This store looks amazing! Those drawers – I want that in my house. Makes you realize that most fiber in yarn stores is such an afterthought. Not so here.

  3. gorgeous LYS! I’m jealous! I love their ceiling treatment. an idea to pass along – I suggest they find a length of lime colored fabric (simliar to the color of the door) either mesh or sheet or whatever… hem it on both ends with a pocket, and use two spring rods (for shower curtains usually) pushing against the ceiling and top of the wall that doesn’t quite go to the ceiling… making a gathered/pleated fabric divider between the two spaces –

    it looks nice either way, but that was where my mind went the moment that I saw the photos so had to say it :)

    I”m beyond jealous though… wish it was all just a little closer to L.A.! :)

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