Abandoned Underpants


Not enough yarn for the original Flip video outfit, so dug up another Yarn School 07 floor yarn & made this:

Snugly fitted case lets you use the camera with the jumpsuit on but the flap open; flap closes to protect the lens & controls. It’s a bit sloppy due to a combination of lazy craftsmanship in the crochet and problems with the yarn itself (which is why it wound up as floor yarn, I imagine). It’s actually a little nicer in real life, but I didn’t want to go hunt down my camera. And I’m well pleased with the vintage Hello Yarn button, aren’t you?

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  1. Hi, Nikol,
    I loved your book, and would like to publish a review in my small knitting and craft magazine, Knitcircus.
    Would you be able to send a cover pic, 300dpi or 1200 pixels wide, in any format, to koiknitting@yahoo.com? That would be fantastic.
    Oh, and, um, our print deadline is coming up, so the sooner the better.
    Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!
    Jaala Spiro
    Publisher, Knitcircus
    PS if you’d like toget a copy of the zine, include your snail mail addy and we’ll send you one in mid-to-late July.

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