Yay! and some Hmmph.


Sunday, June 29! 1pm!

Finally, we’re back in action! I can’t wait for the much-need fiber camaraderie and inspiration. I’ve had the blahs all month. This month’s meeting is a double threat. We’re doing our main spinning at Alpacas in Wildcat Hollow (Marta’s place), then descending on Jennifer Schermerhorn’s (of Whirled Yarn fame + Yarn School teacher) new yarn & spinning store, Settler’s Farm. RSVP & I’ll give you directions to Marta’s. Newcomers are always welcome, so if you’re in KC/Topeka/Lawrence/Manhattan, join us!

I can always bring a couple extra wheels & spindles. Gimme a heads up if you need me to grab you some. (I just got 2 new spindles thanks to mikewade’s drop spindles set.)

In other news, what the heck should I make of this? (got there from a friendly heads up from a nice lady on ravelry).

I don’t mind that she copied my design in crochet (nothing wrong with making your own version of things) or that she’s selling them, but that she’s totally pretending it was her idea!

“My next pillows are going to be plain janes. But I came up with this guy first so I had to make him.”

It’s not like it’s an ipod cover or a pillow or something totally natural for 50 people to make the same way. It’s a freaking SEX TOY HOLDER shaped like an OWL with a HIDDEN COMPARTMENT that closes with DRAWSTRING LEGS. Not one drop of “my version of…” or “inspired by” or anything like that, just patting herself on the back for coming up with such a clever idea. The brass!

What do you even say to that? I mean, should I email this person? Weird.

Speaking of crochet, I’m making some underpants for my Flip video camera. When they’re done, they’ll be more like overalls, I’m guessing, but for now:

Floor yarn courtesy of Yarn School 07.

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  1. “It’s a freaking SEX TOY HOLDER shaped like an OWL with a HIDDEN COMPARTMENT that closes with DRAWSTRING LEGS.”

    It does stretch the bounds of credulity on the coincidence front…

  2. Well done replying to the crochet owl. You have made your point and still come out the “bigger person”.

    Love your book…


  3. I think the craft community has gotten to the point of copying (I use the term loosely) that people think that a) they will never get caught or b) that is what you just do. I know I (and most of us) find tutorials where I like the idea and create my own twist. It seems that, yes, she did just completely copy your idea and if it bothers you, I would shoot her an email. She will either feel bad about blatantly copying you or she might not feel guilty at all. At least she will know that she can’t steal ideas without being caught.

  4. Thanks, Jim. I am so totally never the bigger person, but I have enough shame to at least try to give the appearance of rising above things. :)

  5. Oh, don’t you hate it when this happens? And she’s even calling it “her line” and sells it on her Etsy shop. I saw you posted about your book on that forum, but how many people are actually reading the comments. You could still email her directly and ask that she update her post and include some links to your book on Amazon, but no matter what you do, she can always insist that the similarities are pure coincidence.

  6. Yeeeeeaaaahhhh….that’s a little too far, i think. Like you said-it’s one thing if she translated it into crochet for herself. I don’t think she should be selling them. But making out like they’re HER idea??????? That’s just mean and stupid.

  7. Send her an email asking her to cease and desist. But I am hardcore anti ripping off ideas especially in the craft area – unique ideas ARE hard to come by and they should remain hand’s off! especially by other people in the craft community. She should know better.

  8. @caitlin

    It’s not just about hardcore anti-ripping. The other thing is that your original idea is copyrighted and published intellectual property, so you probably have legal ground to stand on. It’s the feet that kill me.

  9. The really galling thing is that she actually has this posted on her own site with a pattern:

    “Remember this pattern is for personal use only and the products made from it cannot be sold online.”

  10. I’m so glad you added a response to Craftster! When I originally saw the post I thought, “Excellent, someone else loves Naughty Needles.” After I got around to actually reading the post today I scrolled through to see if anyone had come to your defense. I agree with the previous comment that your response was judiciously polite.

    It’s just ridiculous, really.

  11. i would think that either you publicist or your lawyer would be happy to step in on your behalf. it’s hurting their book sales too!
    props to you for saying something on the forum, but really….she shouldn’t be selling the pattern. aside from it being single crochet, the construction is EXACTLY the same….sad..

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