Yarn crisis + new batts

As you can see, I’m definitely lacking the necessary yarn to finish this sweater. I’m hoping Vera can spin me up some more. Otherwise, I’ll need to spin something suitable for contrasty trim. I’ve got several rovings that might be good candidates, but a 2-ply sport isn’t my typical yarn. I’m more a 2-ply worsted-to-bulky gal, so this would be a challenge. I’ve already sampled some Beaverslide roving (too blue/too heathery). I’ve also got some options from the Art Club rovings I sell. I’m going to try this (Chocolate Froth rambouillet roving) in hopes that it will match the main color:

Or if that’s too far off, maybe one or both of these (Montana Silk, cormo/polwarth/silk combed top; and Malt Balls, ramboilletXcorriedaleXcormo combed top) for contrast edging:

In other spinning news, I’ve decided to make a dregs sweater. The idea is that after every color batch of cuckoobatts, I card blend in either the leftover scraps, or the stuff in the licker-in or the main drum in with some natural dark brown sliver, and reblend for a dark brown heather. Then I spin it up and knit it into a top-down raglan, adding another chunk after each batch of batts. I’m annoyed this didn’t occur to me after the big round of blues and greens I just finished, but I did make one with the red dregs. Here’s my first dregs batt:

There’s a chance I have a handful of blue dregs set side that I can card into some brown stuff to represent the blue batts. It won’t be the softest sweater ever, but luckily,  Sierra Trading had some half off silk long underwear. Hm. I probably should have bought more than one.

And here are the rest of the newest Art Club batts &  little yarn:




OLD VINE laceweight merino yarn 

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  1. oh my GOD. I love that MONET and the FAIRY colourways!! The MONET is dead on. Lovely lovely stuff. I swear one of my goals is to come to Harveyville and take some spinning classes. I couldn’t drop spin that fast enough! :)

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