Wanna see something gross?

I cut off the top of my thumbnail working on The Year of the Spitfire datebook. I got a little sloppy with my paper cutter. If the blade were sharper, I might have lost more than just the nail. On the other hand, if the blade were sharper, I wouldn’t have been putting so much force into cutting the pressboard, so…

On the bright side, while the datebooks were delayed a little (as usual), they’ll all ship Monday. Wheeeeee! I’ll post some pictures then.

They’re selling like hotcakes, so if you want one, order asap: http://www.disgruntledhousewife.com/merch/2008.shtml

  • mai says:

    YUCK! you weren’t kidding!!!!

  • Lindsay says:

    Ooo! Ow! I didn’t need to see that. *shudder*

  • jodi says:

    Ouch! I give my students a lecture before they get to use the big industrial guillotine, about how our city doesn’t have a hand surgeon and if they cut anything off they’ll have to go all the way to Atlanta to have it put back on properly. I’m guessing your town probably doesn’t have one either, eh.

    Is it too late to paypal you the extra five bucks shipping to have you send me my datebook in Canada? (I already ordered, a couple of weeks ago, and gave you my school address here in the States). I’m leaving town on Wednesday and don’t know if I can wait until I’m back in January to have my book.

  • Tina Poulsen says:

    Ouch ouch ouch… *blowing on your finger* better? ;)

  • Amber says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Fingernails and toenails are the two things that squick me out to no end. Does it feel any better now? Eeek! Put a band aid on that sucker and look away! :)

  • Cat says:

    OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, SHUDDER SHUDDER SHUDDER. Oh I so hate when that happens and it hurts so much when it is a fingernail. OUCH.


  • Caroline says:

    YIKES. And here I was whining about a papercut last week. Well, it WAS a big cut and it did bleed and all. I hope you’re healing well.

  • ruthee says:

    Niceeeeely done. =D

  • Ginger aka Beethoven says:

    Mum “snipped” her finger with a pair of scissors while she was cutting up our Hay. Bet that hurt but not as much as yours!

    Hope your finger gets better soon.

  • Barb says:


  • Macoco says:


  • Kris says:

    Ew yuck yuck yuck! That was not really something I wanted to see when I woke up! Lol! But at least you still have your finger! :]

  • Cathy McQ says:

    Oowwee! Mend quickly!

  • Saibh Riot says:

    Ouch! Didn’t expect to find bloody thumbs this morning!

  • Aaron says:

    Ouch! blood!

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