Spinster’s Club + New Batts (fiber porn) + Club Crochet

Okay, I don’t know if that’s our official name, but it’s the one I’m using. Year’s ago, I got a “Spinsters’ Club 1932” mug at an estate sale (and later kept coming across them, but for some reason never bought more, very unlike me), and I just loved the name. And now I’m two kinds of spinster, yay me!

Yesterday was fiber-licious! First off, the Jennifers (S. and M., ha ha), Cathy, and Marilyn all came by yesterday for copious amounts of chocolate (damn you, Cathy!) and spinning joy. The weather was dreamy–warm, sunny, and uncharacteristically un-windy–so we set up our wheels out front and spun al fresco. Jennifer S. taught Marilyn, who caught on right away, and I got to try Cathy’s Lendrum (I love the looks–and the bulky setup is crazy huge–but I think it’s a bit too big a wheel for someone my height) and my new Fricke double treadle, which is AWESOME. I love it. But I forgot to try Jennifer’s big Kromski. Next time.

(BTW, I’m a Fricke dealer. I do $10 shipping and a free big box o’ fiber with purchase, so if you want one, lemme know! Hopefully, I’ll get a little shop up soon. I’m also a Strauch dealer, same deal. The fabulous Strauch carders are on our etsy site, if you wanna look.)

Afterwards, I went to Marilyn’s for crochet club, more chocolate, and 7-layer dip. It was great fun, and they didn’t shun me for knitting (I do go both ways, but I’m anxious to hurry up on my new Skinny Cat sweater, after frogging the first try).

And: new batts! And I’m about to go card until my arm falls off, so more later. (I need to motorize one of those puppies…)

Mermaid (these have a lot more green than my camera would get):

Cartoon Tiger:

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  1. I love the Spinsters’ Club name and think it should be official. I had such fun Sunday, and between you and Jennifer S. figuring out my Lendrum and giving wise advice, I’ve been plying away like crazy!! I’ll bring more chocolate next time!

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