KC: ART TARTS CRAFT FAIR TODAY (+Laurenn’s Naughty Needles Prints!)

Dude, these are freaking adorable.

It’s a box set of mini-prints of the drawings Laurenn McCubbin made for the Naughty Needles show! (She’s selling larger versions as well.)

And if you’re in KC, you should go to this today:

I wanted to participate, but just couldn’t swing it this year. But it’s on my Uberlist for next!

  • Dazie says:

    @#$#@ &(*{@#

    *grumble grumble*

    I missed Naughty Needles at the Jackpot by ONE DAY.

    I missed this by ONE DAY.

    I need to check this blog more often.

    *bitch whine moan*

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