Happy accident. I hope.

So, I’m working on this new pattern with some self-striping handspun I made. It was supposed to be one thing.

But I’m knitting it in the round on a needle that is really too short to hold it, so I don’t notice until 3 inches in that I’ve twisted the stitches. So instead of ripping it back, I decided to make lemonade. I’m going to turn it into something entirely different. I’ll keep working it twisted as if it were normal, then steek it to finish. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been spinning a fair amount over the last couple of days. Ideally, I’ll come up with some yarn I can sell at our open house next weekend. There’s a big event in the county called Symphony in the Flint Hills (KC symphony sets up & plays in a pasture), and thousands of people will be driving through the county. I’m hoping at least a couple dozen will make it to the Harveyville Project. Last time we had an open house, people wanted to shop, so we’ll probably set up a little table of Harveyville and Art Club stuff.

The hairy stuff is from Spinderella’s thrums, which are very fun to spin. They’re very airy and practically draft themselves. The orange stuff is from my Art Club superwash merino cuckoobatts (other colors here and here). I only had a little of the orange fiber, not enough to sell batts, but I wanted to see how it spun up. I’m well pleased–it’s easy to spin and makes very, very soft, lofty bouncy yarn, even when it’s pretty fine (this 2ply’s about sock weight), and even with a dumbass like me spinning it. And I like a few irregular globs, so the neps didn’t turn me off. I was worried because last year, I had some rambouillet made into roving and it was positively lousy with neps, and they made spinning it kind of depressing–I ended up sending it off to Zeilingers to have it combed (which reminds me: where’s my top?), even though that made it cost a fortune. But these little neps were small and soft enough that they didn’t bug me, so that was a relief.

If I’m a productive worker bee and finish my Top 5 List today (1. Plant herbs. 2. Rinse pots to return 3. Strip HS beds and cover with drop cloths 4. Make skirt 5. Update Naughty Needles Burlesque list and I need to add 6. Make up room for overnight guy–so if I finish my Top 6 list…), then I get to spin this up tonight.

It’s Big Top superwash merino from Hello Yarn. (Here’s the undrafted fiber.) I’m digging the self-striping, so instead of tearing it into strips, I just drafted the whole thing to make myself a nice big ball of thin, lofty top. I think when I draft it out, the color chunks will be long enough to stripe pretty well. We’ll, I guess I’d better get my hindquarters in gear if I wanna spin this up tonight.

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  1. I thought twisting all the stitches made it more rigid?

    Oh, but I meant I twisted the whole thing before I joined it in the round. Super fuckup. Which means unless I want a scarf, I need to cut it to make it flat again. Hence the accidental steek.

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