Eyeful is right!

Today was a multipurpose photo shoot with some of the Eyeful Tower girls, and I got to see my new burlesque costumes in ACTION! I’m still in KC, and my photos aren’t exactly professional, but I’ll post the results the second I get home, because they’re crazy cute on real live girls.

Since I was shooting for a mix of posterity and reference, most of my shots have the added fun of including the photographers. It was crazy to watch everyone snapping each girl all at once, kinda made you think of one of those Bettie Page “photographers’ club” shoots. Of course, I was particularly delighted when they were wearing my designs, almost like I was the sexy girl getting all the attention. I think my favorites were the Big Bad Wolf and the devil girl, but they were all so freaking cute, so don’t make me pick! I know I sound like I’m gushing about how clever I am–and I am doing that, too–but mainly it’s the ladies that really make them so darling. For instance, me in the same outfits: not cute at all, and maybe even a little pitiful.

Laurenn McCubbin and Ben Radatz are both making show posters, plus I’m either going to use a couple of my better shots or those from one of the real photographers to make some pinup photo calendars as well. I’m quite pleased the show got postponed, because now we have time to do a bunch of fancy publicity stuff. Plus I get to rethink a few of the costumes. I want to go a little more old school with a few of them, add more layers, etc.



In other news, I’ll be having a pattern in the July or August Magknits. It’s hellacute and not something you’d probably expect from me. I’m also hoping they’ll want to sneak in one more summer design if they like it, because I’m working on this awfully cute little number with the leftovers from the first thing. It’s an experiment in how much garment I can squeeze out of how little yarn. I have a feeling I’ll have to fork out for another ball, which isn’t so bad, because it’s cheap yarn.

In fact, I think I may work on that tonight instead of the other WIPs I brought along. I’ll probably knit for an hour or so and then hit the hay by 2 so I can get up for Costco in the morning. All that crap at Costco isn’t going to buy itself.

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