Hooray, yarn!

With Prom ’07 behind me and the Naughty Needles Burlesque far enough off to give me the luxury of thoughtful knitting and reknitting my less pleasing items, I think I’m going to take a little break and make something for MEMEME! But what?

I got these scrumpies last month from Spincycle Yarns, and they’re just dreamy. I have a little crush on the Spincycle girls, who, besides making dreamboat yarns, use local fibers and commute on their bikes and a biodiesel-powered station wagon.

“Soft Spot”–this seems like a logical scribble lace skinny scarf (self-scribbling!).

“Mermaid Hair”–way bluer than my picture shows. This will probably become a yoke and possibly cuffs in another Spin to Knit-inspired cardigan like the stoneleafmoon Viper Girl yarn version:

I think I want it just as loosey-goosey, but with a curved hemline. My first thought was to pair it with some ming blue Berkshire from my stash, but I’m thinking something not quite so retina-burningly bright might be better to let the Mermaid Hair pop. I’ll have to poke around.

“Ruination”–bfl, I think there’s enough for some little fingerless mitts. I’m expecting a Dickensian chic vibe.

I’m also working on a big cushy wrap out of a ton of Karabella Brushed Alpaca that didn’t make it into Naughty Needles. It’s for the burlesque show, initially, but it’s really for me. I’m making it with fat 6×2 ribs to look like pieced fur in a fur stole, and I’ll catbrush to obscure the stitches a little more and line it in satin when it’s done. Hoping for a very glamourous (and very cozy) affair. I’ll get all tarted up and snap a few shots when it’s longer.

And while I’m being all indulgent, maybe I’ll catalog my stash for ravelry! Maybe that should be my reward for washing all the Prom sheets and organizing my hellamessy linen closet. Speaking of which, I’d better go put in another load of dishes.

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