FO Big Bad Wolf!

I’m really happy with the jacket and a little sad that it will probably be too warm to wear it once the show’s over. It has a nice, roomy neckline that’s kind of sexy but still demure.
Here’s the whole thing:

Next one I make, I think I’ll use smooth yarn for the body, add some waist shaping (or maybe start ribbing right under the bust?), cuffs to match the collar.

Here’s the rest of the costume, some furry lace-up hotpants with a wolf tail, a skirt that fastens above the tail in the back, fur-trimmed bikini top, matching pasties, wolf ears, and a jaunty little scarf. I’ll try to get pictures of it on the dancer at the rehearsal.

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  1. Oh my lord! That’s fantastic! I was looking at the pic and thought the collar was a hood…boy am I out of it…that would be cool though a hood with the little ears on it! :) HEE HEE HEE!

    I absolutely LOVE it..knit on sister

    and my surprise roving ball…LOVED IT! super awesome!

  2. hey… um, i have a couple questions for you, but i can’t figure out how to contact you via this page except to post a comment… am i a blind lame-o, or is there no contact info on this website?

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