Can’t write. Knitting.


That is all. Back to knitting. If I can finish 3 WIP today, I get to blog about. How desperate am I for fun when I get rewarded with blogging?

Here’s my newest Cuckoobatt on etsy. It’s called Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle because I’m a big dork and each one is a nutty random grab batt knotted around a surprise. Very fun and relaxing to make. I just start cranking the carder and toss in whatever I grab. Whee!

Whoops. One picture does not count as blogging. Back to knitting, for reals this time.

7 Replies to “Can’t write. Knitting.”

  1. I just saw you in ReadyMade and made my husband read the whole article. We are both totally jealous. I am so bummed I can’t make go to Yarn School (and I live so close!), but we just remodeled our kitchen. Sigh.

    Hooray for ReadyMade!

  2. Hee hee. I wasn’t trying to tempt you! I was just posting eye candy because I didn’t have time for a real post and I’m the girl who likes to show it.

    “It” used to mean something different. Now it means stuff I make. Sigh. I’m old and nerdy.

    Nerdy like a fox!

    No, just the regular kind.

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