Cranberry Lana Gross Ultra is $2/ball at Herrschner’s

Since I’m on a yarn diet, I think I’m going to start reporting on cheap sale yarn. On sale until next Wednesday:
Cranberry Lana Grossa Ultra (superbulky thick & thin) $2/ball

That’s the yarn used in this pattern.

Doubled, it would also work for this pattern..

They’ve also got Noro Silver Thaw on sale for $11/skein.

And Kool Wool is $1/ball at Smiley’s. (But it’s not really worthwhile unless you’re ordering a lot, because shipping’s $13. But then, they have a shitload of other bargains, so it should be simple to rationalize).

I’m also going cull my stash for stuff to sell, because I’ve just got too much to try to knit, even at the rate I’m going. But my friend Chris Black is in from out of town (yay!), so that boringness is for later! (If you’re in KC, he’s playing tonight at the Brick.)

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