FREE PATTERN: Bear Cub Poncho

This super cuddly cozy cowly thing was born out of my frustration with trying to make this ridiculously bulky, irregular yarn into a sweater. It’s crap for sweaters, but perfect for something loose and cuddly. Alternating between K1P1 rib and stockinette (all knit) rnds keeps it from curling, and keeps the bubbles from clumping too densely. It knits FAST and would probably work with any bulky to gauge. The shoulders have raglan shaping, so it’s easy to adjust for other yarns by adding/subtracting increase rnds.

This actually looks surprisingly cute over a jacket or coat, kind of loosely bunched over the shoulders. It gives a sort of Russian Winter vibe that way. I’ve shown it over my brown & black jacket, but I think it would be nicer over a contrasting color. You can also wear the cowl as a hood.
Small (Medium, Large)—medium shown
7 (8, 9) balls Lana Grossa Ultra (discontinued–95% virgin wool/5% polymide; 38 yd; 50g) or similar extreme thick and thin yarn with similar yardage.
US 15 24″ circular

7 – 8 st alternating rows of K1P1 rib and stockinette

Alternate 1 round K1 P1 rib with 1 round Knit. This creates a looser, more regular fabric with fewer dense clumps.

Cowl: CO 36. Join round and place marker.

Work 12″ alternating between K1P1 rib and knit rounds.

Shoulders: K2, place marker, K16, place marker, K2, place marker, knit to end.

Increase Rnd: Kfbl (knit into front and back loop of stitch, so 1 st becomes 2) of the stitch directly after and before each marker, so each increase rnd will result in 4 additional stitches.

Work increase rnd (above), followed by K1P1 rnd.

Repeat 3 (5, 8) times.

Continue, alternating K and K1P1 rnds, until total length = 22 (24, 28)”, or desired length.

BO in K1 P1 rib.

14 Replies to “FREE PATTERN: Bear Cub Poncho”

  1. Congrats on finding a purpose for the bulky irregular yarn. I agree it looks super cute over the jacket. I’m a new reader to your blog since your post in shojo beat magazine (I’ve just finished the 2nd earmuff on my queen of cosmos earmuffs.) I love all your wonderful creative ideas for knitting and continue to enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Adrian, the way you knit, it would take you like 10 minutes. All the snow melted this morning! I was disappointed, but grateful for the sunshine.

  3. so, once again, i’m late to the party, but that is so totally groovy i can’t not comment. so cozy and too cute i gotta make one. keep on with the awesome patterning.

  4. I absolutely love this design. I’ve love to make it, but I can’t find this discontinued yarn anymore – nor Paton’s Anna. Do you know of any other very comparable yarn that would knit up this way? Thanks so much!

  5. You can get Paton’s Anna at for $10/BAG (that’s $1/ball!)–they only have blue & pink, but for that price, it would probably be worth overdying. ($5 on acid dye from

    Herrschner’s had cranberry Ultra (which looks like a pretty gorgeous wine color) on sale for $2, but the sale ends today. The price may or may not go back up.

    Rowan Chunky Print would probably be a good sub–the balls are 2ce as big, so you’d need half as many. has closeout colors, incl. dk brown, for 6.79/ball.

    Look for a thick and thin (the more extreme the difference between the thick parts and the thin parts, the better) that’s about the same yardage per 50g and you should be set.

  6. Thanks so much, Nikol! I actually found ANOTHER discontinued yarn – Rowan Big Wool Tuft (or something like that!). I ordered 8 balls – which has a slightly smaller yardage (27 as opposed to 38) – hopefully that will be enough? :)

  7. Great design! Finally, a use for the Sensations Licorice I got on clearance at Joann’s! It’s probably not so extremely thick and thin, but I think it will work.

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