Spin to Knit

I’m in love with this sweater from Shannon Okey’s Spin to Knit (picture from pippikneesocks’ photo stream):

It’s a topdown raglan with a handspun yoke. It’s been FREEZING lately, and all I want to do is knit sweaters. I couldn’t come up with enough of anything for the rest of the sweater, and I swatched several color combinations I had 2-4 balls of with it & they all looked ucky, so I decided to dye the bag of TwoTwo I got from a Webs grab bag last year. The yoke will be my my Starburst 2-ply handspun and some ugly tan TwoTwo I’m kettle dying even now. I’m dying it mostly russet, with a splash of scarlet, a pinch each of aztec gold and black. Let’s hope it’s not horrid.

I also really like the Deep V sweater in the new knit.1, so I’m going to see what stash yarn I have that will work for it. The contrast trim would be a good place for handspun. It’s time I quit using it as decoration and start knitting something.

I’m also digging the yoga booties. I think they’d be a nice use of some blue noro kujaku from my stash.

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