Finished Objects: Two at Once, Toe-up Socks


Knit Picks Two at once, Toe-up Socks (free pattern)


Knit Picks Parade (discontinued), just over 1 ball (60g)


Much shorter cuffs

Russian cast-off (P2tog, slip stitch back onto left needle, repeat), which is nice and stretchy (directions found in the Knitter’s Review forum)

I had to knit about 5 rnds before starting the decrease on the heel, and I had to decrease every 3rd rnd instead of every other rnd for the first 4 decreases for the heels to fit my feet properly. I don’t know if it’s a pattern flaw, or if I have weird feet.


I accidentally worked the yarn in opposite directions. I’d wrapped the center-pull strand around the outside of one of the balls, so I thought I was pulling both in the same direction & because of the long repeats, I didn’t realize my mistake until the 2nd solid color. It didn’t bother me enough to start over, but they aren’t perfect mates. They do begin and end with the same color.

The toe-up cast-on in this pattern is freaking brilliant, and knitting them both at once was AWESOME (none of that bittersweet thrill-of-completion, agony-of-having-to-knit-another-sock nonsense), but I’m not crazy about the heel.

The pattern also adapts very simply to any gauge of yarn, since you’re starting at the toe and increasing until they’re a good width. The only math you need is after the heel, decreasing to give you the proper number of stitches for the 2×2 ribbing.

I will definitely knit this pattern again, but I will also definitely replace the heel with a regular heel, or maybe that toe-like heel I remember from one of Adrian’s sock patterns.

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