FO Sweatermeat (NaKniSweMo)

Firnished my NaKniSweMo sweater November 29! I’m backdating this because I neglected to post it at the time. I’ll be putting the pattern on in the next week or so…

Right side-out and inside-out (I like them both ways). It’s superclingy and I’m feeling fat, but I’m blockin in a little stretch (which is good, because it pops the ribs), so I’ll model them later. I foolishly photographed them with the sleeves obscuring the shaping, which is done by gradually decreasing the ribs from K3 to K2 and back again. You can sort of make out the subtle corset-like outline where the shaping occrus in the first picture.

This is the no-sinister-bondage-hood variation of the Hooded Bondage Onsie, which wouldn’t fit into Naughty Needles. The original is Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton; this is Berkshire in Wine.

It’s skin-tight, hence the name, which is also one of may favorite booby slangs.

2 Replies to “FO Sweatermeat (NaKniSweMo)”

  1. Would love to see this pattern! Do you still plan on publishing it somewhere or am I just being blind and not seeing it on

    I am relatively new to garment knitting, and this looks like it would be relatively easy without looking like a newbie knitted it. ;)

  2. So, as far as I can see, this pattern never actually made it online anywhere? :-(

    Pretty please, post it up somewhere! I’d love love LOVE to make this sweater!

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