A few days ago, I made the mistake of googling “Katamari earmuffs” to see where they ended up and I was horrified to learn that several people said I look like a man! A man! I wasn’t prepared for that. Fat, frumpy, haggard, retarded, stupid, sure. But mannish? I’m not mannish! Am I? I’m a girl! A girlie girl! Right? Well, apparently not.

Of course, lots and lots of people said nice things, but geez, some of you gaming nerds have a real mean streak. I wish all the nasty people had their pictures posted so I could make fun of them. Crafty nerds are so much more friendly. (I also got “Enya after Prozac on a bad hair day,” which I mostly find troubling because, geeze, I guess I look older than I thought.)

Enough fishing for reassurance that I’m a really a girl.

(Okay, not quite enough. Honestly, I know I shouldn’t dwell on this, but the unexpected insults are so flabbergasting. I had no idea mannish even was a potential insult for me. I’m way more confused than hurt, but still–really? Manly? I’m embarrassed to say fear of looking like a linebacker made me photograph my latest sweater flat and I *hate* flat sweater photos. But I think once I block it and it’s not so hella clingly, I’ll feel less self conscious. But I’ll definitely put on a pushup bra and some lipstick.)

I’m making this for my mom for Christmas. I’m using an almost-black superdark charcoal Berkshire Bulky, I’m only about 4″ in, but I kinda love it already. I think I might make myself one, too. Maybe I’ll get lucky and only use 3 skeins (I have 6 altogether), and then my mom and I can get a creepy mother-daughter portrait. Ooooh, really that sounds fantastic! Maybe all Gorey-style, with creepy dark circles and pasty makeup? Best mother-daughter portrait ever! If only my dad would play along… I can’t see him letting me make him up with goulish makeup… That’s not how he rolls.

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  1. You so do not look like a man! My husband pointed me at your site because of the Katamari ear muffs. He thought you looked good in them; therefore, they’d be a great beginner project for me. Unfortunately, I’m not _that_ good at knitting, yet. I think the game-geeks just mistook you for a man because they’ve seen so few women.

  2. What? Mannish on what planet? I’m a nerd of all sorts, but I agree, gaming nerds probably do have the meanest streak. You’re not by any means mannish and there are plenty of people (like me) that would trade with you any day of the week! :)

  3. I just realized: poeple are going to say all manner of shitty things about my book, so I’d better learn not to take trash-talking very seriously. Some people were saying nasty things as soon as the cover went on Amazon (without having any idea of the contents), so I guess I’d better prepare myself and not be a crybaby. I have a feeling this experience will actually make me a much more generous, less critical person.

    Why, I’m feeling expansive already. Everyone’s wonderful! No one is mean or scunty! Life is beautiful! Sticks and stones!

  4. I know you aren’t really fishing, but I happen to think you are gorgeous and stylish. I love your “look” — the girliness, the bob, etc.

    It is funny how people will trash others without thinking about that person’s feelings. Try not to let it get you down. It’s shitty, but these people don’t know you, screw them.

  5. Well, pfffft to all those jerks. You’re pretty. Also, can I just use this as an opportunity to mention how much I covet
    a) your skillz and
    b) your hair?

  6. Well, I for one can not WAIT for your book to come out. But, not because I can actually knit… mostly because of the pictures of Kelly Sue, Amy & Laurenn. :) And I don’t think you look like a man at all – in fact, I think that picture of you was quite charming!

  7. People are blind, you are adorable…can I have the name of your hairdresser please????

    I have the book on my wishlist too. I just learned how to knit, so not sure I’ll be making any of it, but no one does cute stuff for crochet…

  8. Let me join the crowd in saying you are not the least bit mannish. You have striking, beautiful features, and stunning, incredible hair. Really, really great hair. Jeez, I wish I could pull off your look. Those people are idiots. Pay them no mind.

  9. When I first saw you in the Katamari Earmuffs, my first thought was “HAWT”, but I resisted leaving that as a comment on the post. However, I did visit your blog to check out the other delightful things you have made.

    You’re beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  10. I first came to your site after seeing those earmuffs in Shojo Beat (and they’re very cute, by the way–can’t wait to start on them!), and I’m loving reading it. I’ll probably end up with the book when it comes out too.

    So please don’t listen to all the obnoxious people who say obnoxious (and obviously untrue) things. I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw that project and thought, “WHOAMGZ how awesome!” Thanks for sharing your work with us, and I hope that you hear far more of the good feedback about it than the bad.

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