FREE Pattern: Katamari Damacy Earmuffs for Shojo Beat Magazine

Note: You can buy Shojo Beat at Barnes & Noble–or get the patterns at!Both versions are in economical Knit Picks Merino Style–you’ll spend about $10 including stuffing for the Queen, and about $12 including stuffing for the Prince (with enough leftovers for socks, whee!).

You can get the patterns for both earmuff versions here (at This is missing from the pattern pdf: Heart and Dot Template for Katamari Queen earmuffs.

Note: you’ll really need to Tetris these on your swatch. Print out or trace two hearts & 6 dots on paper and lay them out before you start cutting.

This was my first job writing crafty for Shojo Beat magazine: Katamari Damacy Queen of All Cosmos earmuffs! The pattern is featured in the December issue, which goes on sale any second now.

Aren’t they freaking adorable? Besides being very cute and silly, they also have a secret compartment:

Anyway, I’m allowed to go on and on about how cute they are and maintain my modesty because they weren’t my idea, just my translation. Laurenn McCubbin’s actually the smarty behind seeing the Queen of All Cosmos as earmuffs (although I do claim the secret compartment; I’m a natural sneak).

And here’s the Prince of all Cosmos variation, which will be on the Shojo Beat website. I think you need the magazine pattern for the variation to make sense. They’re modeled by Kelly Sue in her yummy pink office.

If you knit, get the pattern in the magazine. If you don’t, I can knit-to-order custom muffs for $120 for either of these versions or $100 for chunky yarn versions.

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  1. ummmmmm…i would like to order the queen of all cosmos earmuffs!!!! either that, or tell me if it’ll be easy enough for me to learn how to knit in time to make this before christmas. omg best idea ever. i need to have these. email me, perhaps?

  2. I’d love a pair of the prince earmuffs featured above. If you ping me on my e-mail address on this comment with where to send the money, I’d be happy to oblige :-)

  3. I am really impressed by your ear muffs. So is my husband, he just loves those games (as do I) and he would just love to have the prince version of the set, but I can’t do anything that crafty. I would like to find out more about having them made and if it is at all possible to have it done in time for Xmas? If not for our anniversary in February. Please respond via email.

  4. I would love to place an order for one of these. How can I send you sizing/the request? (my brother’s head is HUGE) -around the forehead above the ears is 25 nches-over the top from middle of ear to the other middle of ear is 15 1/2 inches – I think that this might make it cost extra. -But I would like it, if possible, to be complete for christmas.

    Cory Coleman

  5. I can’t buy that magazine because I live in the UK. I know it is a bit cheeky but is there any chance you could email me the knitting pattern?

  6. hello……sorry, I only speak you speak English? Would love to order the Queens earmuffs…please let me know..many blessings, Sharon

  7. Lisa has also enlisted to help knit these, which means we can probably take another couple orders for Christmas. So if you want to order one, email me or post. xo

  8. I almost went into a kawaii coma after seeing these in my December issue of Shojo Beat!! I love the Queen earmuffs, and am wondering if I can perhaps get a pair maybe, late January [when I gather the funds^.^;]? I wish I could knit… I can crochet, though. I’d like ordering information by email, please.

  9. i was wondering if i could get an order in for queen of the cosmos earmuffs before christmas? i’ve been torturing myself trying to figuire out what to get my girlfriend for xmas, & this is perfect. please let me know, & how to pay. thank you.

  10. I’m doing a documentary project for which I’d like to use one or two of your knitted Prince hats… I don’t know how to knit so I’d like to commission them from you… Would give you artist credits, of course.
    Could you please send me info about how to order?

  11. i would never be caught DEAD with these earmuffs in public. i’d wear them around the house though. in the winter. with the heater down. lol

  12. Hi,

    I’m writing an article on ear muffs and would love to use one of your pics in my article, giving you full credit of course.

    Please email me asap along with photographer’s name.


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