FO Katamari Queen earmuffs

First finished object of the year, but it’s not for me. They’re a custom order of the Katamari Damacy Queen of All Costmos earmuffs I designed for Shojo Beat. They’re going to a girl in Las Vegas.

She wanted a little tag saying I made it, so I machine embroidered a cute ribbon tag with my name on one side and ART CLUB on the other. As soon as it’s February, I’m going to order some of those “Knitted Especially for you by NIKOL LOHR” woven/printed labels. I’m not allowed any personal purchases for January, and while I could rationalize the labels (because this and the other Katamari muffs I’m finishing today are actually custom orders, so it’s a “work expense”), I know they’re really just a vanity item for me.

I’ll be finishing my 2nd 2007 object tonight, the Prince of all Cosmos custom muffs, which are going to a fella at Texas A&M.

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  1. i’m almost finished with the katamari queen muffs, but i don’t know how big to make the applique hearts and circles. the directions say to use the pattern, but there is no pattern provided. any helpful suggestions? or am i missing something?

  2. I noticed it wasn’t in the pdf. I have an eps file I can upload tomorrow (I just had a major computer crash & restore, so it will take a little bit of digging to see where I moved it). If I forget, email me at nikol at thriftyknitter dot com.

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