I got a wild hair this week and went on a carding bender. Since I’ve been meaning to set up a separate shop for Art Club (aside from etsy), I figured may as well do it now, with all these pretty new cuckoobatts, huzzah! Most of them are big fat jumbo batts, 3 – 4 ounces, enough for a decent project on their own.

In honor of the new shop, mention this post for a free custom coordinate-y surprise jumbo batt with $35 purchase! (Man, 5 modifiers and no commas!)

Seaweed (wool, bamboo, mohair, soy silk):

Seaweed Cuckoobatt

Sunken (wool, bamboo, soy silk):

Sunken Cuckoobatt

Deep Sea (wool & bamboo):

Deep Sea Cuckoobatt

Fruit Punch Mouth (wool & bamboo):

Fruit Punch Mouth Cuckoobatt

Peacock Twinset (2 coordinating batts; wool, mohair, silk & bamboo):

Peacock Twinset Cuckoobatt

Disney Mermaid (wool, bamboo, soy silk):

Disney Mermaid Cuckoobatt

Frog Pond (wool, soy silk, bamboo):

Frog Pond Cuckoobatt

Pushup (wool & silk):

Pushup Cuckoobatt

Monster Mash (wool & soy silk):

Monster Mash Cuckoobatt

Old Moss (merino, alpaca, soy silk):

Old Moss Cuckoobatt

Cherry Bomb Sox (superwash wool & nylon):

Cherry Bomb Sox Cuckoobatt

Bluebell Sox (superwash wool & nylon):

Bluebell Sox Cuckoobatt

Vine Sox (superwash wool & nylon):

Vine Sox Cuckoobatt

Indian Paintbrush Sox (superwash wool & nylon):

Indian Blanket Sox Cuckoobatt

Pink Candy Sox (superwash wool & nylon):

Pink Candy Sox Cuckoobatt

Hot House Sox (superwash wool & nylon):

Hothouse Sox Cuckoobatt

Thistle Sox (superwash wool & nylon):

Thistle Sox Cuckoobatt

I may end up using etsy for the one-offs and the main shop for all the open stock stuff, but for now, it’s super batty.

3 Replies to “Battstravaganza!”

  1. So pretty! I think I want some – even thou I don’t know anything about how to use it. (maybe it would make a nice pet?)

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