Must… drag… self… away… from… computer…

TASKS TO COMPLETION! I am making an official proclamation! No more looking at any of the yahoo fiber groups I joined last week until I make some serious progress on the project I’m late finishing.

I am allowed to update the years-unupdated Stupid Crap I Bought This Week because it has been a fan-fucking-tastic shopping week, several fiber splurges (an ignominious way to celebrate the end of my stashalong), an inspring homesteading book Sarah recommended, a book on backyard livestock (I’m thinking chickens, first), a dizzying visit to the Russel-Stover outlet, some pleasing Target clearance (2 glass vessels I’ve been greedily eyeing for months finally went 75% off) and a most excellent and fruitful dollar store visit today. HOOOOO-RAH!

Now that I’ve written it, I actually have to do it. Yahoo Groups, unhand me, you brutes! I have work to do.


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