Knitting for fun again!

I have one more worky project I’m finishing up, but to break it up, I’ve been making tons of little critters for out Renegade Craft Fair booth. I also made a crazy huge one, for a display:

Crappy picture (bad light), but look how big! He’s wearing Herman’s paper hat. I think I’m going to have Ron make him a t-shirt.

Also made two more cotton dishrags. They’re so fun! It’s nice to make tacky patterns I couldn’t put on anything I would wear (altough I would put the stockinette sections of single-row stripes on clothes…). Look at the gaudy blue and yellow thing! It’s awful! I love it. The stripy one was knit on circulars, with 4 repeating colors. You just slide your work to the opposite end if you don’t have the tail you want for the next row.

I also have a funny work in progress that’s a present. Hopefully I’ll finish it over the weekend.

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