New Sewing Area! + FO: Brown Bunny Hop Slippers

I dug my old sewing table out from the corner of the craft room, re-arranged some storage bins, and made myself a nice little sewing area. It’s inset between the two closets, so it won’t be in the way for the Dye Lab (there are other white board Adrian can use–those notes are her formulas form Yarn Schools past).

My $4 garage sale sewing table could be sturdier, but it’s servicable for now. The index card cabinet holds sewing notions and general craft supplies. I’ve reserved the lower drawers–those at about waist level when you’re seated–for sewing machine accessories and tools, plus notions like elastic, twill tape, fasteners, etc.

The antique jars in the wine crate hold buttons (I don’t like to use any jars of uncertain provenance for holding food–you never know what the last guy stored in there), and the side of the filing cabinet, with a few more magnets, will make a nice inspiration/bulletin board.

I’ve got two vintage sewing boxes I need to sort through behind that little drawer unit, which holds notions, interfacing, and machine accessories. I want to remove all the sewing stuff and use them to hold current projects away from dust and clutter.

Over all, I’m quite pleased! I still need to mount my iron holder and ironing board rack (as soon as it turns up), but it’s already been quite handy to have a little organized sewing station. So far, I’ve been able to quickly mend two sheep jackets and a feed sack caddy recycled from two old feed sacks, and I’m going to make a bunch of bags and pillows next.

Pattern: Bunny Hop Thrummed Bunny Slippers (free pattern at

Yarn: 2 balls Webs Northampton Bulky (100% wool; 100g/109yd) in Chestnut Heather

Thrums: 2 oz Kansas Cocoa Combed Top from Art Club (me!)

I also finished Ron’s slippers, a very late Christmas present. In the meantime, I lost the mate’s button and had to dig up some new buttons to use. I also had to knit the same errors into the 2nd that I made on the first (sleepy, last-minute knitting :)), and my gauge was a little tighter on the second one. I knit the first one on a big thrumming bender, so I was apparently knitting a bit looser than gauge then. But I’m still pleased with them. I gave the 2nd one little piggy green eyes instead of big blue ones. They’re fraternal twins.

9 Replies to “New Sewing Area! + FO: Brown Bunny Hop Slippers”

  1. your showing area is fabulous… are incredible in your One year to an organized life. I need to buy that book. Maybe put it under my pillow so I could soak it up via osmosis? And the bunny slippers are adorable.

  2. I am so impressed with your sewing area. Sewing machines seem to blow up when I’m around–so I don’t have a sewing room, logically enough. But if I did, I would love to have one like yours, all sunny and colorful. And the bunny slippers–sweet!!

  3. I really like your sewing area. I’m in the process of trying to set up an area myself and am looking for ideas. I espeically like the index card cabinet was that flea market find? Again thanks for another idea fo my room.

  4. Guin, it came from a state surplus place–look for a used office furniture place in your area–they typically buy all the government & business surplus, so that’s the best place for specialty office furniture. New is CRAZY expensive.

  5. i have been trying to find a way to organize my thread and I love what you did. Can you share where you bought these or how they were made? Thx.

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