FO: knit.1 ribbed tank (+ another FO I forgot to post!)

One more down! Not yet blocked; hopefully that will minimize my occasional weird baggy stitches.

Pattern: knit.1 ribbed tank

Yarn: Lion Cotton-Ease (discontinued color), about 3 balls, I think.

Notes: A nice little tank. Not an exciting knit, but a solid basic with some cute details, and it would be super speedy knit in the round–no finishing, fewer ends, and I could skip the endless counting to make sure the rows lined up (and I was still off a couple rows and had to correct for it in my seaming). I may well make it again, but I’d definitely work it in the round and make in longer. I’d also probably make it about 25% tighter. It’s a one-size pattern, but has a little more real estate than I need. I’d just as soon get rid of the extra width & make it longer. I’d like to make a couple of cute tablecloth A-line skirts to go with it, and maybe make myself some matching ties of the same fabric.

The pattern was simple and accurate & the only problems I had were entirely the fault of finishing late and sleepy (I seamed the shoulders with kitchener but spaced and had the tank inside-out, but with the ribbing, it’s just not enough of a big deal for me to sweat).

And I finished this last month, but forgot to post it!

Pattern: basic raglan

Yarn: Peruvian Highland Wool + my handspun

5 Replies to “FO: knit.1 ribbed tank (+ another FO I forgot to post!)”

  1. That tank is really cute! Is the front shaping in the original pattern? I looked at some other FOs on Ravelry and didn’t see the shaping on theirs. I think it really makes your stand out. Really love the red. That raglan is great too.

  2. love the tank!!!!!!!!!! Would love the pattern but cannot dowload off of ravery(hope I spelled that right). I have an old computer!!! could you please post the pattern on your site. or e-mail it to me!! that is if it is a free pattern!! Thanks

  3. JelliDonut: Yup, the shaping is in the pattern. It’s only written out explicitly for one rib, so maybe not everyone included it because they didn’t understand that they were supposed to continue with the travelling pattern?

    Carmela, it’s not my pattern, so I can’t post it. The ravelry link shows the source info, but I don’t think it’s available online (it’s from an old issue of knit.1).

  4. OH I love the traveling rib too! VERY cute and would look fabulous with some tablecloth skirts!

    Also, Ron’s sweater looks perfect. Way to go, love the extra handspun on the one sleeve. Best part of the sweater design!

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