Pink Yarn Experiment

It’s cloudy, so the color’s still not quite true. The big skein has more orange in it (the orange shows up better below, but is strangely more washed out in the other hand) & it’s a bit darker. The bubblegummy hank is plain old kitchen cotton, the big hank is an overdye of an really ugly dyejob I made when I first dyed my tshirt yarn for the Alterknits rug (which looks way nicer in the picture than it did when it dried–it turned all dingy and gross looking), and the sherbety one is just some random little ball of sort of an ugly peach dk wool I had. Not enough to make anything substantial, but a pretty experiment.

I dyed them in a crockpot of RIT dye. I was originally trying to dye them with leftover beets, but it just made a big dingy mess, so I scooped out as much beet slop as best I could and dumped in an envelope of pink RIT I had on hand. The big hank was loose, and the other two were wound into loose cakes and I just plopped them in.

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  1. Love the website. I stopped over and saw that you were thinking of knitting the silk capelet pattern I made. Let me know if it knits up ok. The only thing I wil change when I do my next one is to make my back just a tiny bit longer. Since it was stash yarn I was cutting it close. Looking forward to seeing pictures. Good luck on dwindling down your stash! :)

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