11 Replies to “Fudgy’s pregnant, too.”

  1. Oh for crying out loud! What are you, running a home for wayward sheep?

    Good luck! do you know if it’s going to be twins again?

  2. Get out of my mind!

    Based on absolutely no experience and more than a little wishful thinking, I’m guessing a single. The shearer said she’s several days to a week, and about a week or so out Agnes was starting to look like a whiskey barrel.

    It’s all so obvious in retrospect. Sigh.

  3. Wow… I just found your site, I love it! I can’t believe all of the little lambies you’re going to have running around soon! I think it would be wonderful to have a little ‘farm’ like yours!

  4. Run for the hills ..don’t take the time to pack just run!!! It is apparently contagious….LOL!!!! (if i call and the word whiskey or barrel comes outta your mouth I will know you are a goner!!!).

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