Agnes gets her mommy on

She’s actually paying attention to them now. I’m pretty sure I saw her nudging the little boy toward her udder  & nosing his butt to get him nursing, and I haven’t had to clean the baby’s butt since this morning (before she was getting baby poo all over her tail–I can definitely see how those become a hazard). She also periodically checks in on them. It’s like she’s counting them: okay, you’re there, and there you are.

In other good news, I misread the scale, so they’re both heavier than I thought! Yay! I don’t know exactly because it’s too dark, but it was a new scale & I screwed up & I’ll weigh them again in the morning. Their actual birth weights are lost to the ages in any event. But it’s good to know they aren’t quite as scrawny as I thought. Agnes’ twin’s lamb (single) was 13 pounds, so I was pretty alarmed at their collective deficiency. On the other hand, I’m sure it made lambing much easier.

And, at the last feeding tonight, the baby only drank half her bottle and still had a full belly, which means she’s nursing at least part-time off Agnes.

They’re starting to get a little frisky now. I’ll try to find the flip video & see if I can get some action shots tomorrow.

Maybe now I can get back to work. I haven’t got a thing done since Saturday!

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