All Kinds of Crazy!

Well, it’s two weeks to Fiber School and I’m going a little nuts. I’m keep bouncing between deliriously excited and a little panicked. Right at this very second, I’m deliriously excited.

And guess what!? I’m finally getting sheep! They’re really coming, can you believe it? Tina’s bringing them out on the 23rd, so they’ll be here for Fiber School! (We have a few openings–treat yourself! It’s going to be awesome!) There will be one black Romney ewe (who apparently has gotten a little snitty of late–but I plan to kill her with kindness), one merino ewe lamb (white, if I remember, but with a spotted mom, so she has the genetics for color), and one Shetland wether (castraded male) lamb with curly horns! He’s tan. Yay!

I only have a picture of Fattypants aka Fancypants aka Trouble, so the others will be a surprise! Here she is in full fleece, looking inscrutable.

But we’ve let it go forever, and now we’re scrambling to convert this playground into a barn. And to help matters, it’s been pouring all freaking week.

This is an old picture, but the current view’s no good, because there’s a big stack of hay blocking it. At present, there’s a nice secure woven wire fence around it, with several gates to make rotating them with portable electric fencing super easy. Clicking the picture will take you to its flickr page, which has notes on what goes where.

All the areas under the platforms will be walled in, with doors and windows for utility/comfort. The large platform to the left of the ramp will be raised a foot so you can walk under it, but human people can still use it as a deck. The two taller platforms, including the one under the slide, will be for the chickens, while the larger area will go to the sheepies. There will be a door in between so you can access either side, but the chicken side can stay warmer in the winter while the sheep get nice fresh air.

Next year, I might even ask Tina & Jennifer to save all their skirtings for me, and I’ll wash them (no worries if they felt), soak them in Borax, and insulate the walls.

Okay, I’d better get back to work! A group from VANS is coming out to do a catalog shoot in the Eskridge school next week (Taj’s gym/classroom segments in Electronical were shot there), and Cathy’s coming next weekend to finish up our collaborative project, so I’m about to be wildly busy for 3 weeks solid. Yee haw!

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  1. Yay! Sheep at Yarn School! I’m thrilled! I was being fairly productive at work today (i.e. not foaming at the mouth at election coverage, or better known as, “how can they continue to lie about that?!!?”) but happily, my mind will now be filled with SHEEP at YARN SCHOOL which isn’t very far away. Oh dear. I think my day’s productivity might be shot yet again. But it will be filled with much-needed happy thoughts!

  2. Gushing ahead…
    I just found your blog! My shock comes from my deep love for you from your DHW days. My husband and I are headed to Winfield this weekend for the WV Festival, but next year I must come to your Fiber School. I must!

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