Election season = fury = craft blinders, please!

Dude, I fucking hate election season. I end up enraged every time I listen to the news. The only bright spot is The Daily Show, but it’s reruns this week, so I’m stuck with NPR. Ugh. And I can’t not listen. I whirl into a frenzy of outrage and fact checking and frustration about the millions who get their news from Fox alone, and I end up spending way too much time and energy stewing and seething and clawing around the Internet. A few minutes ago, I fantasized about interrupting a rally by shouting LIAR! at the top of my lungs (which are pretty sturdy, it turns out), and I even tested the volume of my shouting, then did a few crazy, frantic impersonations. Sheesh.  I need to put some kind of a politics timer on my machine for the next couple months.

Anyway, to combat the knotting angst and dread, I’m trying to zen out with crafty goodness.

I finished up all my Wildcat Hollow roving. Well, not all of it–I still have a different lot of tri-color and a different lot of fawn for another project; and not completely finished, either as I haven’t yet washed the spun stuff. (Cripes, I’m an irritating literalist.)

Look how pretty!

I used only the first two balls. The other tricolor wasn’t quite as babysoft, so I decided to set it aside for another project. I had 8 oz of solid and 4 oz of tricolor (2oz had a somewhat higher proportion of lighter colors in the mix, producing an overall lighter yarn), then plied it thusly:

  1. Lighter tricolor to itself
  2. Lighter tricolor to darker tricolor
  3. Darker tricolor to itself
  4. Lighter tricolor to solid
  5. Darker tricolor to solid
  6. Solid to itself

I was originally thinking a cardigan, but now I’m thinking maybe a loose drapy pullover with a really long, sloppy turtleneck, not quite a cowl. I’ll wash and swatch it first, then go from there.

Last weekend, Cathy & I started working on our collaborative project. We’re going to finish up next weekend.


Now I’m off to:

  • Soak some Romney
  • Salt & roll up my goat cheese
  • Make & freeze a bunch of pies! Huzzah!

3 Replies to “Election season = fury = craft blinders, please!”

  1. Oh, I am so with you on the election season frustration! My husband won’t watch the news with me anymore because I get so spooled up. But it is frustrating the lies people just take for facts because some talking head starting spouting their opinions. Oh, no, here I go again. Calm. Knitting. Think fiber. Do love the colors and love the yarn spun from the roving. Lovely. Here’s to the Colbert Report and the Daily Show.

  2. I am with you on the politics thing. I want to tear my hair out every time I hear McCain/Palin lies and nonsense. I’ve switched from NPR as my daily commute listening to knitting blogs because even hearing their voices (mostly hers) makes me want to get sick. Keep on fighting! I just ordered my Obama/Biden car magnet-since I work in NH-it’s important to have (not as much as in MA-where I live).

    I also really learn a lot from your blog-I don’t spin but it is interesting to read about and you have such beautiful pictures.

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