See what you’ve done to me? I like cables now.

When I started knitting, I hated cables. And philosphically, I still do. I would never buy a cabled sweater, for instance.

But they’re just so fun to knit.

I was an acting major in college before I came to my senses (sort of). We had to do rotations of all the production departments–lighting, set construction, costuming. And the best costumers were almost always the worst dressers. Something about surrendering good sense/taste to the materials/construction, I think. At some point you lose your ability to see past what can be done and remember what should be done. Clearly many knitters forget this distinction, too. (And I’m really one to talk, considering the contents of my book–but that’s funny, not earnest.)

I’m far from being such a good knitter that I start dressing like some of the dumber Rowan books, but still. (I think dressing Rowan also requires a starvation diet, so that’s not so risky, but you feel me.)

P.S. By the way, here’s your pants.

(The current issue of knit.1 does have several things I’d actually make, too.)

5 Replies to “See what you’ve done to me? I like cables now.”

  1. Hi! Nice blog — love the blue.

    Those shorts look like some kind of itchy, miserable Victorian undergarment. Please tell me they’re a redesign of a vintage pattern and not anything originally designed in the last 50 years.

  2. It’s part of a “Knitting Factory” (ha, ha) spread. They were designed by John Brinegar, creator of the pinky hat on knitty. I like the pinky hat. And I appreciate the pants as art or comedy, but as a garment, they’re just cruel.

  3. That’s the thing, though. They seem to be presented earnestly. And they’re made of Lion Brand Wool Ease, so the itchy Victorian underwear’s on the money, and with the bonus prize of yeast infection factory, hurrah! Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that Vogue and Lion Brand have made what is essentially a subscription-based Lion Brand ad? I’m not really complaining, because overall, they do have great patterns, but…?

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